Manufacturer of structured light scanners

Benano is an experienced manufacturer of structured light scanners in Asia and has dedicated many years to the development of structured light technology. The R&D department possesses strong research capabilities and practical experience in the optical inspection field, enabling them to provide comprehensive solutions to customers. With well-designed and functional products from Benano, customers can seamlessly integrate them into their own systems.

可見產品 (420 至 700 nm)
DLP2010LC DLP® 0.2 英吋 WVGA 數位微鏡裝置 (DMD) DLPC3470 適用於 DLP2010LC (0.2 WVGA) DMD 的 DLP® 顯示和照明控制器
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BENANO-3P-C2100 — 適用於高解析度 3D 掃描器的 Benano C2100 模組

The Benano C2100 module is a great evaluation platform to develop high resolution structured light based 3D scanning applications. This module uses DLP2010 DMD and DLPC3470 display and light controller to enable a affordable, small form factor 3D scanner. The module provides end user with high (...)

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