DSP Innovations

DSP software solution provider

We are a DSP Software supplier.

We work under "DSP Innovations" brand since 2007, delivering a high-optimized software for any platforms: DSP, RISC as well as any others.

We develop and supply our proprietary and standard technologies and products, we customize them to specific conditions and requirements of our customers.

Our mainstream is speech technologies and a voice communication: - innovative methods of speech compression (of a speech coding), - speech enhancement (noise and echo cancellation, spectrum equalization, etc.), - error control coding (channel coding), - advanced methods of "joint source-channel coding", - voice-band low-latency modems, - etc.

We create innovative high-quality vocoders robust to acoustic noises as well as to any channel errors.

All our proprietary vocoders (TWELP, SPR, etc.) are free of any third-parties' patents and have superior characteristics in comparison with the well-known vocoders at the same bit rates.

We are a team of scientists, software and hardware engineers, developers and programmers, young talents and reputable experts with a great experience in Digital Signal Processing and a development of unique technologies and products for various telecommunication equipment and other applications in IT-domain.

數位訊號處理器 (DSP)
TMS320C5504 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 150MHz、USB TMS320C5505 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 150MHz、USB、LCD 介面、FFT HWA、SAR ADC TMS320C5514 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 120MHz、USB TMS320C5515 低功率 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 120MHz、USB、LDC 介面、FFT HWA、SAR ADC TMS320C5517 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 200MHz、USB、LCD 介面、FFT HWA、SAR ADC TMS320C5532 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 100MHz TMS320C5533 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 100MHz、USB TMS320C5534 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 100MHz、USB、LCD 介面 TMS320C5535 低功耗 C55x 定點 DSP - 高達 100MHz、USB、LCD 介面、FFT HWA、SAR ADC
  • 軟體轉碼器
  • 北美
  • 17 Cours Balguerie Stuttenberg
  • Bordeaux, 33-9-70403399
  • France




DSP Innovations is a supplier of C5000TM DSP-software and engineering services. Proprietary and standard vocoders from DSPINI have superior characteristics, operate in range from 300 bps up to 64 kbps and are used in: secure voice, software defined radio, wireless, VoIP, voice storage, and more. (...)


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