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Satisfy a variety of your business computing needs with services from our IT consulting firm in Naperville, Illinois. MKS Technology Inc. provides you with the best day-to-day IT support and makes sure your business has no downtime due to computer issues. Some of our employees have 15 years of experience and are Microsoft™ certified, so we have the skills to find technical issues and resolve them. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

BQ20Z40 具 Impedance Track 技術且與 SBS 相容的電量計,與 BQ29330 一起使用 BQ20Z40-R1 採用 Impedance Track™ 技術且與 SBS 1.1 相符的電量計 BQ20Z70-V150 與 SBS 1.1 相容的電量計,以 Impedance Track™ 技術啟用 BQ20Z70-V160 與 SBS 1.1 相容的電量計,以 Impedance Track™ 技術啟用並與 bq29330 搭配使用 BQ20Z80 以 Impedance Track 技術啟用符合 SBS 1.1 的氣量計,與 bq29312 搭配使用 BQ20Z80-V102 與 SBS 1.1 相容的電量,並以 Impedance Track™ 技術啟用 BQ20Z80-V110 與 SBS 1.1 相容的電量計,以 Impedance Track™ 技術啟用並具 FW v1.10 BQ20Z80A-V110 與 SBS 1.1 相容且啟用 Impedance Track™; 技術的電量監測計,與 bq29312A 一起使用 BQ3050 與 SBS 1.1 相容的 2-s 至 4-s 電量計與保護 BQ3055 2 串聯、3 串聯和 4 串聯鋰離子電池組管理器 BQ3060 與 SBS 1.1 相容的電量計和保護器 BQ30Z554-R1 2 串聯、3 串聯和 4 串聯鋰離子電池組管理器
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MKST-3P-ALT-EV2300 — 適用 EV2300 通訊收發器的 MKS 技術替代方案

This solution, available from MKS Technology, is an alternative for the EV2300 communications transceiver. The solution from MKS Technology has been validated and works with both the BQMTESTER and ADVANCED-BQMTESTER. It has been validated and works with bq Evaluation software (bqEVSW). Using the (...)


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