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New DSP Developer's Kit from Texas Instruments Accelerates Rapid Prototyping of Advanced Imaging and Video Applications

Advanced Imaging and Video Applications Demand Best in Class Real-Time Performance, Scalability and Ease of Use Found in TMS320C6000™

HOUSTON, (Jan. 22, 2001) - Accelerating the development of advanced imaging and video applications, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a complete hardware and software digital signal processor (DSP) based Imaging Developer's Kit (IDK). The new product speeds time to market in these rapidly-expanding segments by providing an easy-to-use development environment for rapid prototyping of imaging and video systems based on the TMS320C6000 DSP platform. The IDK provides programmable performance to support trends towards real-time image processing and high-bandwidth streaming video. See www.ti.com/sc/c6000.

A variety of imaging applications can take advantage of the scalable, high performance, programmable architecture of C6000™ DSPs. The C6000 DSP platform is designed to execute the performance intensive processing operations inherent in applications such as digital video, medical imaging, machine vision, security monitoring, printers, copiers and scanners. Manufacturers of imaging and video applications can take advantage of the C6000 DSP's programmability to keep pace with evolving standards and algorithms and to help them reuse existing software in new products.

The C6000 DSP IDK brings together all the hardware and software elements needed to develop advanced video and imaging applications. Included in TI's IDK are:

  • TI's TMS320C6000 -150 MHz based DSP board with snap-on daughter board for high-speed video input/output (I/O)
  • NTSC/PAL compatible video camera
  • Video and imaging application demonstration programs
  • Application software utilities and example programs
  • Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • A wide range of software modules from the world's largest network of DSP third party developers.

The world's largest network of DSP third party developers is already working on a number of key standards-based software modules, such as JPEG 2000, MPEG-4 and others, for TI's IDK platform. These will be available in the coming months.

"With the introduction of the new C6000 DSP IDK, TI is providing developers with a single source for all the essential hardware and software they need to create imaging and video applications," said Pradeep Bardia, C6000 product marketing manager, TI.

Fast-growing video and imaging markets

The widespread deployment of wireless and wire line networks is leading to an increased demand for integration of video, voice and data transport services to be converged in the same digital stream. The C6000 DSP offers an advanced VLIW architecture, flexible memory scheme and high-bandwidth I/O capability that are optimal for high-performance video and imaging applications.

"TI's C6000 DSP architecture handles the massive amounts of compression, decompression, transcoding and transrating among standards and protocols, encryption and error correction that are essential in applications that transmit images and video over high-speed broadband networks," said Bardia.

Enterprise and carrier-class video infrastructure applications that can benefit include video gateways, video servers, multimedia routers, third-generation (3G) wireless multimedia base stations and other equipments. End-use applications include videoconferencing, video-on-demand, digital TV, media-processing type applications and other systems for digital video broadcast, recording and playback.

Available Now

The TMS320C6000 DSP Imaging Developer's Kit is available today and can be ordered online from the e-store in TI's DSP Village at http://dspvillage.ti.com. Pricing is $4,500 per kit in single-unit quantities.

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