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AMC7823 Integrated Multichannel ADC and DAC for Analog Monitoring and Control Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the AMC7823 Analog Monitoring and control circuit
  • REF3125 and REF3112 are onboard references used to set the output range of the ADC and DAC
  • Connection to TI's 5-6INTERFACE board allow operation with 5000 and 6000 DSKs
  • Green LED indicators D1 and D5 for AVdd and DVdd light when power is applied
  • Analog input signals can be supplied differentially through on-board terminals

Texas Instruments  AMC7823EVM

This EVM features the AMC7823EVM analog monitoring and control circuit device. The AMC7823EVM is a simple evaluation module and serves as a quick and easy way to evaluate the functionality and performance of the 12-bit AMC device. The EVM, through connectors, provides a way to supply an external reference. The AMC7823 built in band gap reference can also be used easily through on board connections enhancing the EVM’s flexibility. The 5-6K Interface board from TI can be used to operate the EVM through either the 5000 or 6000 series DSK.