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TRS3122E: RS-232 Transceiver BoosterPack



  • Auto-Powerdown Plus
  • Low 0.5uA shutdown current
  • Capable of translating 1v8 or 3v3 TTL logic to +/- 5V RS-232 Signal
  • Dual channel allows for serial RX/TX and flow control (CTS/RTS)
  • DB-9 port connection monitoring
  • Compatible with a wide range of TI LaunchPads
  • On board LEDs connected to RS-232 signal paths

Texas Instruments  BOOSTXL-RS232

The BOOSTXL-RS232 is a BoosterPack for TI LaunchPads that enables quick RS232 prototyping with TRS3122E, the industry’s first 1.8V inductor-less low power RS-232 transceiver. The board is equipped with a DB-9 connector and standard 40-pin LaunchPad headers. These together provide an easy method of connection to a LaunchPad and an external RS232 serial port. The BoosterPack is also equipped with headers that allow the driver inputs and receiver outputs of the TRS3122E to be assigned to various general purpose inputs/outputs of the connected LaunchPad. The BOOSTXL-RS232 is capable of ultra-low voltage levels, both power and logic, as well as a shutdown feature for power saving. In addition, the connection of the DB-9 port is monitored via the TRS3122E invalid pin.