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DS90UB913A-CXEVM: FPD-Link III Serializer Evaluation Module



  • Programmable data payload: 10 bit payload up to 100MHz; 12-bit payload up to 75MHz
  • PCLK from imager or external oscillator mode
  • Continuous low latency bidirectional Control interface channel with I2C support @ 400KHz
  • Four dedicated general purpose Input GPI/Output (GPO)

Texas Instruments  DS90UB913A-CXEVM

The Texas Instruments DS90UB913A_CXEVM evaluation module (EVM) helps system designers evaluate the operation and performance of the DS90UB913A-Q1 25MHz-100MHz FPD-Link III Serializer (SER). The device translates 10/12 bits of LVCMOS data into a high-speed serialized FPD-Link III interface transported over a single 50 ohm coax cable.

The DS90UB913A_CXEVM board features a 0.1” IDC connector interface and an SMB coax connector at the FPD-Link III output.

The EVM contains one Serializer device.