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Precision Signal Injector (PSI) Evaluation Module for Testing ADC Performance



  • PSI software GUI has graphical tool for controlling amplitude, frequency, and offset of AC signal
  • Onboard filter for generating very-low distortion, low-noise, 2-kHz signal
  • Jumper-selectable options for filtering and offset-/common-mode voltage
  •  Single-ended or true differential-signal output options
  • Powered over single USB cable

Texas Instruments  PSIEVM

The precision signal injector (PSI) is a platform for evaluating the performance of successive-approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The board provides a low-distortion, low-noise, 2-kHz input signal for driving the input of the ADC, and pairs with most of the TI SAR ADC evaluation modules (EVMs). The board is powered over a USB, which also provides a user-interface connection to a PC.