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SN65LVDS100 Evaluation Module



Hardware: SN65LVDS100/101EVM or SN65CML100EVM PWB

  • Screw-type SMA jacks serve as the I/O connectors
  • Banana jacks serve as the DC power input terminals


a) The SN65LVDS100/101EVM or SN65CML100EVM user's guide (SLLU040A) Includes:

  • schematic
  • board layout
  • test results

b) The SN65LVDS100/101 data sheet (SLLS516)

c) Or the SN65CML100 data sheet (SLLS547)

Texas Instruments  SN65LVDS100EVM

The EVM allows evaluation of operation of the SN65LVDS100/101 or SN65CML100 high-speed differential translators/repeaters.  Differential input signals (LVDS, LVPECL, CML, etc.) can be applied and the device output can be observed across on board terminations, or via direct connection to 50-ohm oscilloscope inputs.  Single-ended LVPECL signals can also be applied by using the Vbb reference output voltage provided by either the SN65LVDS100/101 or SN65CML100 devices from TI.