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TAS5102 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • 2x20 W at 10% THD+N Into 8-ohm BTL at 18 V (With Heatsink for TAS5102)
  • 2x15 W at 10% THD+N Into 8-ohm BTL at 15.5 V for TAS5103
  • 2x10 W at 10% THD+N Into 8-ohm BTL at 13 V
  • >100-dB SNR (A-Weighted)
  • <0.1% THD+N at 1 W
  • Thermally Enhanced Package: 32-pin HTSSOP
    • DAD (TAS5102) Pad Up
    • DAP (TAS5103) Pad Down
  • High-Efficiency Power Stage (>90%) With 180-ohm Output MOSFETs
  • Wide PVDD Range from 8V to 23V
  • Power-On Reset for Protection on Power Up Without Any Power-Supply Sequencing
  • Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Overcurrent, Short Circuit
  • Built-In Regulator for Gate Drive Supply
  • Error Reporting
  • EMI Compliant When Used With Recommended System Design
    • Televisions
    • Mini/Micro Audio Systems
    • DVD Receivers
    • Home Theaters

Texas Instruments  TAS5102EVM

The TAS5102 is a compact, high-power, digital amplifier power stage designed to drive an 8-W loudspeaker up to 20 W/channel at 10% THD+N. It contains integrated gate-drive, four matched and electrically isolated enhancement-mode N-channel power DMOS transistors, and protection/fault-reporting circuitry. The DAD package has a PowerPAD™ package on the top side for heat transfer through a heat sink. The heat sink in this design is for evaluation purposes only.