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TLV320AIC3111 Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the TLV320AIC3111 stereo audio codec.
  • USB connection to PC provides power, control, and streaming audio data for easy evaluation.
  • Onboard microphone for ADC evaluation.
  • Connection points for external control and digital audio signals for quick connection to other circuits/input devices.

Texas Instruments  TLV320AIC3111EVM-K

The TLV320AIC3111EVM-K is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit for the TLV320AIC3111 audio codec. The kit includes a TLV320AIC3111EVM, and a USB-based motherboard (USB-MODEVM). The TLV320AIC3111EVM-K software, the AIC3111 CS, is an intuitive, easy-to-use, powerful tool to learn, evaluate and control the TLV320AIC3111.

Software development for the TLV320AIC3111 is supported through TI's comprehensive PurePath Studio Development Environment. A powerful, easy-to-use tool designed specifically to simplify software development on the TLV320AIC3xxx miniDSP audio platform. The Graphical Development Environment includes a library of common audio functions that can be dragged-and-dropped into an audio signal flow and graphically connected together. The DSP code is assembled from the graphical signal flow.

The TLV320AIC3111EVM-K connects to a USB port of a PC. The USB interface provides power, control and streaming audio data to the EVM. The EVM has connections for external control signals, digital audio data and power for advanced operation.