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UCD3138A LLC Evaluation Module



  • Digitally controlled LLC resonant half-bridge DC-DC power conversion DC line input from 350 to 400Vdc
  • Regulated output 12Vdc with output from no-load to full-load
  • Full-load power 340W, or full-load current 29A
  • Synchronous rectification
  • Constant Current/Constant Power control mode
  • Burst Mode Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting with Duty Cycle Matching Protection: over voltage, over current, and brownout
  • PMBUS Communication Test points to facilitate device and topology evaluation

Texas Instruments  UCD3138ALLCEVM150

UCD3138ALLCEVM150 is an EVM board, functioning as an LLC resonant half-bridge dc-dc converter and digitally controlled by control card UCD3138ACCEVM149. This EVM is used to evaluate digital power control using UCD3138A in LLC resonant half-bridge dc-dc conversion applications. The EVM accepts the dc line input from 350Vdc to 400Vdc, nominal output voltage 12Vdc, and output full load power 340W with peak efficiency over 94% benefited from secondary side synchronous rectifier operation. The EVM is featured with various protections such as input line under voltage, output over-voltage and over-current limit, soft start, and light load power losses reduction. The EVM can be used as a platform to upload user’s firmware and adapt particular needs. The EVM comes with USB-TO-GPIO interface adapter and is shipped with the control card UCD3138ACCEVM149 pre-programmed with the LLC resonant half-bridge dc-dc converter firmware developed by Texas Instruments.