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Electronic Minds is a world class team of engineers and technologists who are driven by one common desire – to rapidly innovate leading edge technology for their clients. Their expertise, proven experience, and attention to detail allows partners to deliver industry-leading Industrial, Grid, and other Power Delivery solutions to market faster.

Electronic Minds offers multi-disciplinary design expertise across hardware and software, which is particularly useful in applications that require efficient real-time digital power solutions, such as smart grids, EV charging stations, solar projects, renewable energy storage, etc. They are particularly focused on advanced power electronic design using TI’s C2000(TM) real-time microcontrollers, signal chain products, SiC technology, and various analog devices. For custom industrial and grid power system design, training, or testing services, please contact an Electronic Minds expert, or visit TI's E2E forum for questions about TI devices, reference designs, or product support.

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Design, training and testing in power electronics

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TI Devices (4)

Part Number Name Product Family
AMC1100  ±250 mV-Input, Low-Cost Basic Isolated Amplifier for Current Sensing  Isolation 
TMS320F28375D  C2000™ 32-bit MCU with 800 MIPS, 2xCPU, 2xCLA, FPU, TMU, 1024 KB flash, EMIF, 12b ADC  Microcontrollers (MCUs) 
TMS320F28375S  C2000™ 32-bit MCU with 400 MIPS, 1xCPU, 1xCLA, FPU, TMU, 1024 KB flash, EMIF, 12b ADC  Microcontrollers (MCUs) 
TMS320F28375S-Q1  Automotive C2000™ 32-bit MCU with 400 MIPS, 1xCPU, 1xCLA, FPU, TMU, 1024 KB flash, EMIF, 12b ADC  Microcontrollers (MCUs) 

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