MSP430 code generation tools - compiler
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MSP430 code generation tools - compiler


ACTIVE v19.6.0.STS   30-Jun-2019  

MSP430 code generation tools -- compiler


ACTIVE 18.12.4.LTS   6-Nov-2019  

MSP430 code generation tools --- compiler


ACTIVE v18.1.7.LTS   11-Oct-2019  


The TI MSP430 C/C++ Compiler and Assembly Language Tools support development of applications for TI MSP430 Microcontroller platforms, including TI MSP430 Ultra-Low-Power and Mixed Signal Microcontroller devices.

  • Available in MSP430 Code Generation Tools starting with v18.9.0.STS:
    • Linker generated ECC option
  • Available in MSP430 Code Generation Tools starting with release v18.1.0.LTS:
    • C++ 2014 Support and C++ ABI Compatibility
    • ROM Calling Convention with IAR Compatibility: __cc_rom calling convention
    • Improved stack usage with inline functions
  • Available in MSP430 Code Generation Tools starting with release v16.9.0.LTS:
    • Power Savings Improvements
    • Improved Stack Usage Utilization
    • Support for LZSS compression
    • Compressed section alignment
    • Improved Inlining
    • Removal of duplicate and unneeded compiler options
    • New ULP Advisor rule 6.3

TI Compiler Support

TI has an active, responsive E2E™ community, where support is available for TI compilers.

Long-term and short-term support

Long-term support (LTS) releases are actively maintained for approximately two years with reported defects being repaired as follows:

  • Production stop defects are addressed within 2 weeks,
  • Critical defects are addressed within 60 days, and
  • Defect repairs are proactively applied to each release stream
Short-term support (STS) releases are only supported until the next release becomes available meaning that:
  • Only production stop defects may cause patch releases to be created,
  • Patch releases for STS releases will not be planned, and
  • Defect repairs will not be proactively applied to each release stream
  • For more information about the distinction between LTS and STS compiler releases, please see the article: Introduction to LTS and STS Compiler Releases

What's Included

  • Optimizing C/C++ Compiler
  • Assembler
  • Linker
  • C/C++ standard header files
  • C/C++ runtime libraries
  • Object file display and manipulation utilities

Archived releases (not actively supported)

Technical Documents
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07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018
PDF 2446 03 Jun 2019
PDF 977 03 Jun 2019
PDF 2446 19 Nov 2018
PDF 979 19 Nov 2018

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