MSP430TCH5E Capacitive Touch with Haptics Software Development Kit




This is a software development kit for the MSP430TCH5E HAPTOUCH booster pack. It also includes MSP430 Launchpad software (for PC communication) and PC applications (to experience PC gaming) with capacitive touch and Immersion Touchsense 2200™ haptics.

Learn more about the MSP430TCH5E HAPTOUCH booster pack.

  • Fully programmable HAPTOUCH boosterpack software development kit.
  • MSP430 Haptics Library featuring Immersion Tourchsense 2200 technology.
  • Code example for use of the haptics library in simple applications

  • \MSP430_Haptics_Library - Core haptics library
    • HapticsLib.lib - A static library file containing the entire MSP430TCH5E Haptics Library
    • HapticsLib.h - A header file allowing access to the library
  • \HapTouch_BoosterPack
    • \MSP430_One_Click_Download_Image - Default BoosterPack and LaunchPad firmware
    • \MSP430_Source_Projects - Code Composer source projects for the one-click-download directory.
    • \PC_Tools
    • \HapTouch_GUI - PC tool to drive haptics and create new haptics sequences, and program them to the BoosterPack.
    • \Touch2Key - Used with the gaming usage mode. Converts capacitive touch button presses to keystrokes, for use with online gaming sites.
    • \PCB_Design_Files - The hardware files needed to create the board.
    • \HapTouch_Eagle - Design files for use with EAGLE
    • \Gerbers - Gerber files for building up your own boards
    • BoosterPack.bat - Invokes the MSP430Flasher to download the default factory image to a BoosterPack, using a UIF430 FET Tool.
    • LaunchPad.bat - Invokes the MSP430Flasher to download the LaunchPad software image to a G2553 mounted onto a G2 LaunchPad.
    • HapTouch_Layout.pdf - A PDF of the layout
    • HapTouch_Schematic.pdf - A PDF of the schematic
    • HapTouch_BOM.txt - Bill of materials
    • AppNote - HapTouch_BoosterPack
  • Manifest.html


Support software

MSP430TCH5E Code Examples (Rev. F) SLAC619F.ZIP (459KB)

Release date: 12-Mar-2020
Software development kit (SDK)

MSP430-HAPTOUCH-SDK MSP430TCH5E HAPTOUCH Software Development Kit

MSP430 microcontrollers
MSP430TCH5E 16 MHz MCU with 16KB Flash, 512B SRAM, haptics-enabled, capacitive touch, 10-bit ADC, UART/SPI/I2C
Haptic motor drivers
DRV2603 Haptic driver for ERM/LRA with auto-resonance tracking in QFN package
Evaluation board
MSP-EXP430G2 MSP430G2 LaunchPad Development kit
Development kit
MSP-EXP430F5529LP MSP430F5529 USB LaunchPad development kit MSP-TS430PW28A MSP-TS430PW28A - 28-pin Target Development Board for MSP430F2x and MSP430G2x MCUs

Technical documentation

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Type Title Date
User guide MSP430TCH5E Haptics Library Designer's Guide Dec. 09, 2013
Application note Haptics and Capacitive Touch Using the MSP430TCH5E: the HapTouch BoosterPack Dec. 09, 2013
Application note 1-uA Capacitive Grip Detection Based on MSP430 Microcontrollers (Rev. B) Aug. 14, 2013
Application note 10-cm Capacitive Proximity Detection With MSP430 Microcontrollers (Rev. A) Jul. 08, 2013
Application note Capacitive Touch Sensing and SYS/BIOS Sep. 12, 2012
Application note Wireless Remote Controller With Capacitive Touch Pad Using MSP430F51x2 (Rev. A) May 17, 2012

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