RF-STAR BLE ZIGBEE module based on CC2340R5


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RF-star, as a 3P IDH of TI for wireless connectivity modules for over a decade, is dedicated to supplying a wide range of wireless modules and solutions based on TI products, such as BLE, Matter, ZigBee, Thread, Wi-Fi, Sub-1G, and Wi-SUN.
RF-BM-2340Xx series wireless modules are all based on CC2340R5 SimpleLink wireless MCUs. 
RF-BM-2340B1 (PCB antenna) and RF-BM-2340B1I (IPEX version) are P2P compatible. 24 GPIOs are lead out for fast development and able to be regarded as the MCU modules with I2C, SPI, and UART peripheral applications for medical, automobile, new energy, industry, and so on. 
RF-BM-2340A2 (PCB antenna) and RF-BM-2340A2I (IPEX version) are P2P compatible. 12 GPIOs with rich BLE5.2 serial port AT commands. The small size and the cost-competitive design enable the module feasible in many portable medical and consumer electronics applications.
RF-BM-2340C2 (chip antenna) BLE module is with a compact size of 8mm*8mm. The smallest size is ease-of-use for some applications with high requirements on dimension and less transmission range.
RF-BM-2340T1 (PCB  antenna) and RF-BM-2340T2 (chip antenna) are P2P compatible with each other. The above two modules and RF-BM-2340T3 are designed for more customers' options with replacement needs. The ready hardware design and the full firmware functions will make it easy to achieve fast development and replacement without difficulties. 
All RF-star CC2340R5 modules are embedded with the BLE UART transparent transmission protocol to support either the master role or the slave role. The ready and abundant master-slave UART functions support the product working smoothly and stablely including OTA, self-defined service and broadcast UUID, high transmit rate and so on. The rich AT commands and the certifications enable the customers to shorten the development time and accelerate the release period of the end product.
All RF-BM-2340Xx modules are with the development kit for a quick start. 

Low-power 2.4-GHz products
CC2340R5 SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless MCU with 512-kB flash
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Development kit


CC2340R5 BLE ZIGBEE module PCB antenna version (12 GPIOs)

Development kit


CC2340R5 BLE ZIGBEE module PCB antenna version (15.8*12)

Development kit


CC2340R5 BLE ZIGBEE module PCB antenna version with compact size

Development kit


CC2340R5 BLE ZIGBEE module chip antenna version (15.8*12)

Development kit


CC2340R5 BLE ZIGBEE module external antenna version (24 GPIOs)

Development kit


CC2340R5 ZIGBEE bluetooth low energy module PCB antenna version (24 GPIOs)

Development kit


CC2340R5 ZIGBEE bluetooth low energy module external antenna version (12 GPIOs)

Development kit


CC2340R5 smallest bluetooth low energy ZIGBEE module chip antenna version

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