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SEGGER offers hardware and software development tools supporting programming and debugging embedded applications based on SimpleLink™ MCU portfolio. SEGGER also provides a complete debugger and GCC C/C++ compiler toolchain for SimpleLink MCU software development. A rich set of embedded software stacks, in addition to a Real Time Operating System (RTOS), provide full support for SimpleLink MSP432™ microcontroller.

  1. Debug Probes: J-Link and J-Trace
SEGGER J-Link debug probes are the most widely used line of debug probes available today. They bring this experience to their support of the SimpleLink MCU portfolio.

With up to 3 MBytes/s download speed to RAM and record breaking flashloaders, as well as the ability to set an unlimited number of breakpoints in an MCU’s Flash memory, the J-Link debug probes optimize your debugging and flash programming experience.

In fact, combining the SEGGER J-Link and SimpleLink MCU provides the fastest Flash downloading option available in the industry. This means faster programming of new SimpleLink MCU devices for your production line.

J-Link supports a wide range of popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), such as:
  • Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) on Windows®, macOS, and Linux®
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM® (EWARM)
  • Keil MDK-ARM (µVision)
  • The de-facto standard ARM debug probe (more than 400,000 units sold)
  • Up to 3 MByte/s Download speed
  • Cross-platform support (Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS)
  • No charges for firmware updates
  • Production Flash programming software (J-Flash) available
  • No power supply required, powered through USB
  • Supports multiple target interfaces (JTAG, SWD) 
  1. SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE

Embedded Studio is a complete C/C++ IDE for building and debugging embedded applications based on SimpleLink MSP432 microcontrollers. Embedded Studio can freely be used for evaluation and non-profit educational purposes without any limitation.


  • Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor
  • Pre-built C/C++ Compiler, GCC and LLVM included
  • Royalty-free C library for embedded systems
  • Feature rich Debugger with seamless J-Link integration providing the fastest Flash downloading option available in the industry for SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs
  • RTOS Awareness Plug-ins for embOS and FreeRTOS
  • External toolchain support - Project Importer for IAR/Keil
  • Windows, macOS and Linux support 
  1. Production Programmers

SEGGER Production Programmers support SimpleLink MCU portfolio programming over JTAG/SWD and providing the fastest Flash downloading option available in the industry. These production programmers are designed for programming flash targets with the J-Flash software or stand-alone. They can be also used as J-Link debug probes.


  • Stand-alone JTAG/SWD programmer
  • USB, Ethernet or RS232 connection
  • Supports internal and external flash devices
  • No charges for firmware updates
  • Windows, macOS and Linux support 
  1. RTOS and Middleware Embedded Software

SEGGER supports SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs with their Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and middleware embedded software. These software libraries were developed towards high-performance while keeping small footprint. These products are:

  • emOS RTOS
  • emWin (Graphic Software & GUI)
  • emFile (File System)
  • emSecure (Digital Signature Suite)
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IDE, configuration, compiler or debugger

SEGGER-EMSTUDIO Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provided by SEGGER

Supported products & hardware
Software programming tool

SEGGER-FLASHER Production Programmers provided by SEGGER

Supported products & hardware
Operating system (OS)

SEGGER-EMBEDDEDSW RTOS and Middleware provided by SEGGER

Supported products & hardware

Supported products & hardware

Arm Cortex-M4 MCUs
MSP432E401Y SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F MCU with ethernet, CAN, 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM MSP432E411Y SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F MCU with ethernet, CAN, TFT LCD, 1MB Flash and 256kB RAM<

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