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SwitcherPro™ Online or Desktop Design software allows you to design power supplies with Texas Instruments TPS40K™ controllers, low-power DC/DC converters and SWIFT™ (TPS54xxx) point-of-load step-down DC/DC products. Use SwitcherPro power supply design software to create, manage and share custom power supply designs. This software provides EVM designs that you can use for reference or starting points for custom power supply designs. In addition, passive components such as inductors and NexFet Transistors are now included in both the online and desktop applications. The desktop application allows more flexibility in creating power supply designs since there is no need to be connected to the internet. Design and go at your own pace.

NOTE: New devices are no longer being added to the tool. . Please go to WEBENCH® Power Designer for your power supply needs. Many devices from SwitcherPro have already been added to WEBENCH Power Designer, and we have added more capabilities like simulation, PCB/schematic/simulation export, and WebTHERM™ thermal simulation. You can find all of TI’s power products available in Power Designer here. Power Designer allows you to optimize, design, change components and edit the schematic, simulate, run WebTHERM thermal simulation and export your PCB design.


Whether using the online or desktop application, SwitcherPro power supply design software provides a unique combination of features.

  • The Library Manager allows you to view system parts and define your own parts to use them in your designs
  • The "Edit Design" option gives you the ability to change your design without having to create a new one
  • Devices in the tool now include buck, boost and buck-boost single and dual output devices in a growing library of parts
  • Create new designs with parts easy with the Power Design Wizard online or on your desktop
  • Calculate efficiency
  • Calculate loop responses
  • View stress information on all key parts in the design
  • Customize designs by changing part labels, changing parts, and changing outputs
  • Change multiple parameters to model all types of what/if cases
  • Get a simple schematic for your design
  • Send designs to others on the system with your comments attached when using the online application
Important note

As of January 31, 2020, TI.com will no longer support Flash-based tools, such as SwitcherPro, and will end-of-life (EOL) or replace them with an HTML-based version. Prior to January 31, 2020, please download any needed projects from the tools. To find alternative tools, and to see the full list of impacted tools, please see this post on the TI e2e™ support forums.

The recommended replacement for the SwitcherPro is the WEBENCH Power Designer. Please use this tool going forward.


Design tool

SWITCHERPRO SwitcherPro(TM) Switching Power Supply Design Tool

Version: 3.17
Release date: 11/02/2011
Evaluation board
TPS40195EVM-001 TPS40195 20V Input, 3.3V Output, 20A Evaluation Module TPS40200EVM-001 TPS40200 12V Input, 3.3V Output, 2.5A Evaluation Module TPS40304EVM-353 8-14V Vin, 1.2V Vout Sync Buck Controller Evaluation Module with NexFET™ Power MOSFETs TPS53353EVM-744 High-Efficiency, 20-A, Synchronous Buck Converter With Eco-mode Control Scheme Evaluation Module TPS5401EVM-708 Evaluation Module for TPS5401 0.5A Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter TPS54040EVM-456 TPS54040 42V Input, 5V Output, 0.5A Evaluation Module TPS54060EVM-457 TPS54060 48V Input, 3.3V Output, 0.5A Evaluation Module TPS54140EVM-429 TPS54140 42V Input, 3.3V Output, 1.5A Evaluation Module TPS54218EVM-511 TPS54218 6V Input, 1.8V Output, 2A SWIFT­™ Converter Evaluation Module TPS54225EVM-538 Synchronous Step-Down DCAP2 Mode Converter Evaluation Module TPS54226EVM-539 TPS54226 Step-Down DCAP2 Mode Converter Evaluation Module TPS54227EVM-686 Evaluation Module for TPS54227 Synchronous Step-Down Converter TPS54229EVM-056 TPS54229 Synchronous Step-Down DCAP2 Mode Converter Evaluation Module TPS54232EVM-415 TPS54232, 2A Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module TPS54240EVM-605 2.5A SWIFT™ Converter Evaluation Module TPS54260EVM-597 2.5A, 10.8 to 13.2 Vin, SWIFT™ Converter Evaluation Module TPS54291EVM-431 12V Input, 3.3V 1.5A and 1.2V and 2.5A Dual Sync Buck Converter Evaluation Module TPS54294EVM-057 Evaluation Module for TPS54294 Synchronous Step-Down Converter TPS54295EVM-057 Evaluation Module for TPS54295 Synchronous Step-Down Converter TPS54318EVM-512 TPS54318 6V Input, 1.8 Output, 3A SWIFT™ Converter Evaluation Module TPS54325EVM 5V to 17V Input, 3A Converter Evaluation Module TPS54326EVM-540 4.5V to 18V Input, 3A Converter Evaluation Module TPS54329EVM-056 Evaluation Module for TPS54329 Synchronous Step-Down Converter with D-CAP2 Mode TPS54331EVM-232 TPS54331 28V Input, 3.3V Output, 3A Evaluation Module TPS54332EVM-416 TPS54332 15V Input, 2.5V Output, 3A Evaluation Module TPS54383EVM TPS54383 12V Input, Dual 5V and 3.3V Output, 2A Evaluation Module TPS54386EVM TPS54386 13.2V Input, Dual 5V and 3.3V Output, 2A Evaluation Module TPS54418EVM-375 TPS54418 3.3V Input, 1.8V Output, 4A SWIFT™ Evaluation Module TPS54425EVM-608 Evaluation Module for TPS54425 4.5V to 18V Input, 4A Synchronous Step-Down Converter TPS54426EVM-608 Evaluation Module for TPS54426 4.5V to 18V Input, 4A Synchronous Step-Down Converter TPS54478EVM-037 Evaluation Module for TPS54478 Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Pre-bias Start-Up TPS54519EVM-037 Evaluation Module for TPS54519 Synchronous Step-Down Converter TPS54521EVM-607 Evaluation Module for TPS54521 Synchronous Buck Regulator TPS54527EVM-052 Evaluation Module for TPS54527 Synchronous Step-Down Converter with D-CAP2 Mode TPS54528EVM-052 Evaluation Module for TPS54528 Synchronous Step-Down Converter with D-CAP2 Mode & Auto-Skip TPS55386EVM-363 TPS55386 13.2V Input, 3.3 & 5V Dual Output, 3A Evaluation Module TPS56121EVM-601 Evaluation Module for TPS56121 High Current (15A) Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter TPS56221EVM-579 Evaluation Module for TPS56221 High Current (25A) Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter TPS61085EVM-355 TPS61085 Evaluation Module TPS61175EVM-326 TPS61175 12V Input, 24V Output, 1.2A Evaluation Module TPS61254EVM-711 Evaluation Module for TPS61254, Tiny Boost Converter with Input Current Limit and Bypas TPS61256EVM-711 Evaluation Module for TPS61256, Tiny Boost Converter with Input Current Limit and Bypas TPS62080EVM-641 1.2-A, High-Efficiency, Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module TPS62200EVM-211 TPS62200 6V Input, 1.8V Output, 0.3A Evaluation Module TPS62203EVM-211 TPS62203 6V Input, 3.3V Output, 0.3A Evaluation Module TPS62230EVM-370 Evaluation Module for TPS62230, TPS62231, TPS62232 Ultra Small Step Down Converter 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V TPS62233EVM-574 Evaluation Module for TPS62233, TPS622310, TPS62237 Ultra Small Step Down Converter (2.3, 3.0, 3.3)V TPS62236EVM-574 Evaluation Module for TPS62234, TPS62238, TPS62236 Ultra Small Step Down Conv. (1.85, 2.1, 2.25)V TPS62239EVM-574 Ultra Small Step Down Converter for TPS622311, TPS62235, TPS62239, Evaluation Module TPS62240EVM-229 TPS62240 6V Input, 1.8V Output, 0.3A Evaluation Module TPS62260EVM-229 TPS62260 6V Input, 1.2V Output, 0.6A Evaluation Module TPS62290EVM-279 TPS62290 6V Input, 1.8V Output, 1A Evaluation Module TPS62360EVM-655 Evaluation Module for TPS62360 Processor Core Supply with I2C Compatible Interface and Remote Sense TPS62730EVM-726 Step Down Converters | Bypass Mode for Ultralow-Power Wireless, Evaluation Module, TPS62730 TPS63020EVM-487 Evaluation Module Board for TPS63020 Buck-Boost Converter with 4A Switch TPS63030EVM-417 TPS63030 5.5V Input, 3.3V Output, 0.5A Evaluation Module TPS82671EVM-646 Evaluation Module for TPS82671 600mA, 1.8Vout Fully Integrated, Low Noise Step-Down Converter

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