TI Bluetooth Linux Add-On for AM335x EVM, AM437x EVM and BeagleBone With WL18xx and CC256x
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TI Bluetooth Stack Add-On For Linux platform with WL18xx and CC256x

ACTIVE v4.   19-JAN-2015   Linux  


This package contains the install package, pre-compiled object and source of the TI Bluetooth Stack and Platform Manager to easily upgrade the default LINUX EZSDK Binary on a AM437x EVM, AM335x EVM or BeagleBone. The software was built with Linaro GCC 4.7 and can be added to Linux SDKs that use similar toolchain on other platforms.

The Bluetooth stack is fully qualified (QDID 69886 and QDID 69887), provides simple command line sample applications to speed development, and upon request has MFI capability.

For Licensing Information, Release Notes and Profiles supported, please download the package. For additional information on TI Bluetooth Stack and Platform Manager, please refer to TI Bluetooth Stack User’s Guide (see in the Technical Documents Below).

Software block overview:

  • TI BT Stack for Linux – Software components
    • Bluetopia:
      • Dual mode Classic Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol stack and profiles.
      • Supports Bluetooth Core Specification v4.0
      • Supports WL18XX and CC256X
      • More details can be found in https://www.ti.com/tool/tibluetoothstack-sdk
    • Bluetopia PM:
      • The Bluetopia Platform Manager is a clients-server add-on that enables multiple applications to simultaneously communicate with the Bluetopia stack.
      • Each application will be linked to BluetopiaPM Client library which handles the communications to a single BluetopiaPM server daemon that hosts the Bluetopia stack.
    • Platform Adaptation Driver
      • Direct connection to standard TTY driver and GPIO sysfs.
      • GPIO number and TTY id should be provided through Linux Device Tree in the ‘tibt’ section.
    • Serial Driver:
      • The Linux Adaptation Layer interfaces the UART through platform specific serial driver.

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  • Dual mode Classic Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Stack
    • Bluetooth Core Specification v4.0
  • Platform Manager framework to enable multiple client applications to use the stack
  • Integrated with TI Shared Transport driver (available from Linux 3.8)
  • Plug-in for GStreamer (Open Source Audio Framework)
  • Sample Applications are provided in Stack level (as single application linked to the stack) and in Platform Manager level (as multiple client apps connected to a single stack daemon)
 Profile/ServiceProfile VersionRoleSample Application
Supported Classic Bluetooth Profiles Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP 1.2 Source
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile AVRCP 1.4 Target
Device ID Profile DI 1.3 N/A Supported
File Transfer Profile FTP 1.1 Server
Generic Access Profile GAP (BT 4.0) N/A Supported
Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile GAVDP 1.2 Initiator
Headset Profile HSP 1.2 Audio Gateway Headset Supported
Health Device Profile HDP 1.0 Source
HandsFree Profile HFP 1.6 Audio Gateway
Hands Free Unit
Human Interface Device Profile HID 1.0 Host Device Supported
Message Access Profile MAP 1.0 Server
Object Push Profile OPP 1.1 Server
Personal Area Networking Profile PAN 1.0 Network Access Point
PAN User
Group Ad-hoc Network
Phonebook Access Profile PBAP 1.0 Server
Serial Port Profile SPP 1.1 Device A
Device B
Supported BLE Profiles Alert Notification Service ANS 1.0 N/A  
Alert Notification Profile ANP 1.0 Server
Battery Service BAS 1.0 N.A Supported
Current Time Service CTS 1.0 N/A  
Cycling Speed and Cadence Service CSCS 1.0 N/A  
Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile CSCP 1.0 Collector
Device Information Service DIS 1.1 N/A Supported
Find Me Profile FMP 1.0 Target
Generic Access Profile Service GAPS (BT 4.0) N/A Supported
Generic Attribute Profile GATT 1.0 Server
Glucose Service GLS 1.0 N/A  
Glucose Profile GLP 1.0 Collector
Health Thermometer Service HTS 1.0 N/A  
Health Thermometer Profile HTP 1.0 Collector
Heart Rate Service HRS 1.0 N/A Supported
Heart Rate Profile HRP 1.0 Collector
Human Interface Device Service HIDS 1.0 N/A Supported
HID over GATT Profile HOGP 1.0 Host Device Supported
Immediate Alert Service IAS 1.0 N/A Supported
Link Loss Service LLS 1.0 N/A Supported
Next DST Change Service NDCS 1.0 N/A  
Phone Alert State Service PASS 1.0 N/A  
Phone Alert State Profile PASP 1.0 Server Client  
Proximity Profile PXP 1.0 Monitor
Reference Time Update Service RTUS 1.0 N/A  
Scan Parameters Service SCPS 1.0 N/A  
Scan Parameters Profile SCPP 1.0 Server Client  
TX Power Service TPS 1.0 N/A Supported

Software development (2)

Name Part Number Software Type
WiLink™ Wireless Tools for WL18XX modules  WILINK-BT_WIFI-WIRELESS_TOOLS  Application software & framework 
Bluetooth service pack for WL18xx  WL18XX-BT-SP  Driver or library 

TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
CC2564MODA  Bluetooth® 4.1 with Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate, Low Energy module with integrated antenna  Wireless connectivity 
WL1831MOD  WiLink™ 8 industrial Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Bluetooth Smart (Low energy) module  Wireless connectivity 
WL1835MOD  WiLink™ 8 single band combo 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® & Bluetooth Smart module  Wireless connectivity 

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