ViALUX SuperSpeed V-Modules for DLPC910


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ViALUX’ SuperSpeed v-modules provide complete subsystems containing a controller board for DLPC910, a digital micromirror device (DLP6500FLQ or DLP9000X) and ALP-4 controller suite software. The industrial grade modules support high-performance pixel level control out-of-the-box. Designed for new emerging applications, these DLP subsystems come with a feature-rich programming interface enabling new products with short time to market.

The compact design of the DMD-board allows a reduced assembly space by coupling the flex cable connection on two PCB edges instead of only one. Moreover, the use of a rigid flex PCB grants now a 90° angular routing of the flex connection.

By turning the micromirror hinge-axis of the DMD 45°, the assembly towards the DMD optics may be simplified and more space efficient since the light source can be adjusted comfortably in parallel to the DMD-board. The design is based on a rigid-flex circuit board which connects the main-board through one fixed flex connection.

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  • USB 3.0, lossless compression, low latency
  • 64 or 128 Gbit on-board RAM for pattern storage
  • ALP-4 controller suite: Set bit depth, triggers, frame rate, pattern display time, pattern looping and LED parameters
  • V-6501: 10,309 Hz binary pattern rate
  • V-9001: 12,987 Hz binary pattern rate
  • V-9001C, V-9001T: 12,987 Hz binary pattern rate
Near-UV products (400 to 420 nm)
DLP6500FLQ DLP® 0.65 1080p Type A DMD


Near-UV products (400 to 420 nm)
DLP9000X DLP® 0.90 High Speed WQXGA Type A DMD DLPC910 Digital controller for DLP6500FLQ, DLP6500FYE & DLP9000X/9000XUV digital micromirror devices
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SUPERSPEED-910 — ViALUX SuperSpeed V-Modules for DLPC910

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