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The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-4KA is specifically designed for static implementations in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing systems. It offers a DLP® technology based stereolithography sub-system with more than 8 million addressable pixel positions for production of highest resolution parts. Different lens options offer flexible build area and an efficient optical system generates superior power output for high building speed.

Two product variants are offered:

  • LRS-4KAp (performance) for high power systems
  • LRS-4KAc (commodity) for cost sensitive systems

  • TI DLP660TE DMD (2716 x 1528)
  • Optical power output (performance (LRS-4KAp): Up to 4,5 W, commodity (LRS-4KAc): Up to 2,5 W)
  • High power static configuration (up to 9W of optical power)
  • Advanced LC4KA-EKT electronics
  • 3840 x 2160 Full pixel sequence control (FPSC) mode
  • 2716 x 1528 native pixel mode
  • Air cooling (fan)
≥ 0.47-in array products
DLP660TE DLP® 0.66 4K UHD DMD DLPA100 DLP® Power and Motor Driver DLPC4422 DLP® Display Controller

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TI does not offer ongoing direct design support for this hardware. For support while working through your design, contact VISITECH.



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