具有 LMH1981 HD/SD 视频同步分离器的 LMH1982 多速率视频时钟发生器 EVM




The LMH1982 evaluation board platform was designed by National Semiconductor to demonstrate the excellent clock jitter performance of the LMH1982 multi-rate video clock and timing generator in a genlock application with the LMH1981 multi-format video sync separator. The evaluation platform consists of the LMH1982 evaluation board and a USB interface board, and can be controlled from a PC using Nationals LMH1982 evaluation software.

The board provides input ports to apply analog or digital input reference signals and SMA output ports to transmit the LVDS SD and HD clocks. Headers and test points are provided to access other important I/O signals, such as the output Top of Frame (TOF) pulse timing generated by the LMH1982. The external VCXO and loop filter components are located on the top side of the board for easy modification and optimization of circuit performance. The on-board DIP switches can be used to control various input modes to the LMH1982, such as device reset and signal gating (tri-state) of the LMH1981 output syncs.

实时时钟 (RTC) 和计时器
LMH1982 Multi-rate video clock generator with Genlock



LMH1982SQEEVAL/NOPB – LMH1982 Multi-Rate Video Clock Generator with LMH1981 HD/SD Video Sync Separator EVM

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LMH1982APP-SW LMH1982 软件设置 - 具有同步锁相的多速率视频时钟发生器


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