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Firmware for BQ27Z746 family of gauges

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Latest version
Version: R1-1.02
Release date: 28 Sep 2023
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Battery fuel gauges
BQ27Z746 Pack-side, single-cell Impedance Track™ technology fuel gauge with integrated protector
Hardware development
Evaluation board
BQ27Z746EVM-047 BQ27Z746 evaluation module Impedance Track™ technology battery gas gauge with protection solution


Technical Reference Manual

Release Information


The BQ27Z746-DEVICE-FW is a firmware (FW)-only release that can be flashed onto any existing hardware such as BQ27Z746 product. The firmware incorporates the patented Impedance Track™ technology to create a pack-based solution that provides a rich array of features for gas gauging, protection, differential battery sensing analog output, and authentication for 1-series cell li-ion and li-polymer battery packs.

Using its integrated high-performance analog peripherals, the BQ27Z746-DEVICE-FW firmware enables the device and measures and maintains an accurate record of available capacity, voltage, current, temperature, and other critical parameters in li-ion or li-polymer batteries, and reports this information to the system host controller. The integrated protection provide safety protection against Over Voltage (OVP), Under Voltage (UVP), Over Current in Charge/Discharge (OCC/OCD), Short Circuit Discharge (SCD), and Battery Sensing Protections (BCP, BCN, BDP and BDN).

SHA-2 authentication, with secure memory for authentication keys, enables identification of genuine battery packs.

BQ27Z746-DEVICE-FW is usable on any previous version of the BQ27Z746 hardware.


Supports pack-side gauging including enhanced state of health (SOH) algorithm

Fast QMax update option based on predicted OCV

SHA-256 authentication responder for increased battery pack security

Sophisticated charge algorithms:

  •   JEITA
  •     Enhanced charging
  •     RSOC() charging compensation option

Low current modes options:

  •     Sleep
  •     Ship
  •     Shelf
  •     Shutdown

What's new

  • New features and bug fixes to BQ27Z746 firmware.