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BQ34Z100 family of gauges firmware

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Latest version
Version: 2.02.31
Release date: 20 Nov 2023
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Battery fuel gauges
BQ34Z100-R2 Multichemistry Impedance Track™ stand-alone fuel gauge BQ34Z100-G1 Multi-chemistry Impedance Track™ standalone fuel gauge | battery gas gauge BQ34Z100 1-s to 16-s Impedance Track™ fuel gauge | battery gas gauge
Hardware development
Evaluation board
BQ34Z100EVM Bq34z100EVM 1s to 16s Impedance Track Fuel Gauge Battery Evaluation Module | Gas Gauge Battery


Release Information


BQ34Z100-DEVICE-FW is a firmware-only release that can be flashed onto any existing BQ34Z100 hardware ( such as the BQ34Z100, BQ34Z100-R1, BQ34Z100-R2, … device ). The firmware incorporates the patented Impedance Track™ technology to create a pack-based solution for Li-ion, PbA, NiMH, and NiCd batteries, and works independently of battery series-cell configurations. Batteries from 3 V to 16.7 KV can be easily supported through an external voltage translation circuit that is controlled automatically to reduce system power consumption.

The BQ34Z100-DEVICE-FW device provides several interface options, including an I2C peripheral, an HDQ peripheral, one or four direct LEDs, and an ALERT output pin. Additionally, the BQ34Z100-DEVICE-FW provides support for an external port expander for more than four LEDs.


The BQ34Z100-DEVICE-FW firmware is usable on any previous version of the BQ34Z100 hardware

What's new

  • Details in TRM, see 'About This Manual'