CC3200 Software Development Kit (SDK), Service Pack, and Add-Ons


Release Date:  13 Jan 2020

This page contains specific information about CC3200 Software Development Kit (SDK) release package. Refer to the table below for download links and related content.

Product downloads

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  Title Version Description Size
SDK Installers
Windows Installer for CC3200SDK 1.5.0 Windows Installer for CC3200SDK 48536 K
Service Pack Installer for CC3200SDK Link to Service Pack Installer for CC3200SDK 6584 K
Related Tools
TI-RTOS for CC32xx Link to TI-RTOS for CC32xx Product Release

Supported Platforms

Platform Supported Devices Supported Kits and Boards

Release Information

The CC3200 SDK delivers components that enable engineers to develop connected applications on Texas Instruments Wi-Fi microcontroller devices. The product is comprised of multiple software components and examples of how to use these components together. In addition, examples are provided to demonstrate the use of each functional area and each supported device and as a starting point for your own projects.