Business continuity

TI seeks to minimize interruption to its operations and supply chain by identifying risks and preparing for potential business impacts. The business continuity program helps us proactively prepare for the unexpected, which may include natural disasters, technological hazards such as system failures, man-made hazards, security and geopolitical incidents, or any other interruptions to our operations.

Our ability to operate continuously reassures customers of our reliability; preserves our revenue, reputation and long-term sustainability; and demonstrates to our investors and other stakeholders that we can effectively manage business interruptions.

At TI, business continuity entails a strategic approach, planning, incident management and disaster relief.

Our Business Continuity steering team oversees our business continuity strategy, policy, program and plans, and takes a lead role if disruptive events occur. Appointed by TI leaders, team members meet quarterly and provide an annual update to the company’s chief financial officer.

At each of our locations, we monitor risks such as earthquakes, extreme weather events and water-related issues that could reduce or disrupt our supply chain and/or production. We conduct more formal risk assessments every two years or as major changes require, including the purchase of new facilities. This assessment process includes the identification of existing controls (for example, supplemental power generation) or the need for additional controls.

In recent years, our facilities in Texas, China and Taiwan have become more vulnerable to prolonged droughts. Our facilities in the U.S., Asia and Japan also are susceptible to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and other extreme weather events. See more in climate change and water use.

Every three years, we complete an enterprise risk-management survey to identify and understand potential risks within the company, summarizing and sharing the results with the Audit Committee of TI’s board of directors. We also disclose risks in our SEC Form 10-K.

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