Sustainability: Product stewardship:
Product end-of-life

TI addresses product end-of-life and disposal issues both as a components manufacturer and as a producer of consumer devices.


Although we cannot control how customers handle the semiconductors they place in their products, nor their products' end-of-life issues, we provide customers with detailed information about the substances used in our components so they can make informed decisions about end-of-life disposal.

Education Technology

TI works to reduce waste by designing Education Technology products with flash technology, which enables consumers to download software applications from Education Technology's website, extending the products' life span and long-term value. We also design our calculators to withstand years of classroom use.

We currently participate in take-back programs in the European Union, where under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, all companies that sell such equipment must have end-of-life collection for electronic or electrical products. We contract with qualified third parties to manage this program.

Outside the European Union, government jurisdictions have different policies and regulations regarding management of electronic waste. To ensure compliance, we continuously monitor the varying obligations for registration and certification, labeling, batteries and product packaging.

When customers return Education Technology units that are still under warranty, we send those products to a de-manufacturer for recycling.

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