Product stewardship

TI aspires to responsibly design and manufacture products that help solve some of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges. Sustainable technology design and production promises to be a great growth frontier for our company and our customers. Our innovations are already helping dozens of industries make their products more efficient, more reliable and safer.

Product responsibility, or what we call product stewardship, encompasses nearly every aspect of our operations and is integral to the continual innovation of products needed to meet the world's demands. This includes helping ensure that our customers' products are created and supported responsibly.

We take a deliberate approach to managing the evolving facets of product stewardship, including innovation management, conscientious design, quality and compliance, life cycle assessments, responsible packaging and labeling, product end-of-life, marketing and ethics.

TI leaders direct and set expectations across the company to design, develop and deliver exceptional products. Our research and development investment is primarily in analog and embedded processing, which help address, among other important issues, energy conservation, health care access, electronics, communications, transportation, safety and education. We provide customers around the world with a vast array of technology, detailed in TI products on our website.

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