Sustainability: Employee well-being:

Retaining our current workforce is imperative, and we work hard to ensure that we provide a diverse and inclusive workplace where each person can grow and succeed.

The costs of replacing key talent – from recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and the loss of institutional knowledge – are considerable. For this reason, TI is focused on hiring the best engineers and innovators and keeping robust, competitive benefits and programs in place to retain them.

We start with building a culture that promotes collaboration and innovation. We also offer competitive rewards, programs to integrate new employees quickly, initiatives to reach and retain traditionally underrepresented women and minorities, as well as opportunities to advance into leadership roles.

We address potential areas for improvement with initiatives that consider the business, personal and geographic contexts of where our employees live and work. Employee turnover is a risk in the semiconductor industry as a whole, particularly in Asia. To address turnover challenges in Asia, we provide training for managers to develop “re-recruiting” skills and create environments where current employees can perform and grow.

While a long-term employee is not uncommon at our company, it is increasingly unique in the semiconductor industry. Our global employee tenure, on average, is 12 years, which exceeds the national average by more than seven years according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We aim to continue improving our retention rates, and will further analyze our retention and tenure by region and position so that we are better equipped to address specific retention issues as they arise.

About TI's culture

The following tenets strengthen TI's ability to attract and retain employees who will thrive within our culture and contribute to business success:

  • Smart collaboration. One great mind is good. A team of great minds is even better. We may work individually, but we achieve as a global team. Those who share knowledge openly and invite input from others excel here.
  • Open opportunity. Individual opportunity exists at TI. Forward movement requires ownership, perseverance and creativity. If you work for opportunity, it will in turn work for you.
  • Thoughtful innovation. Innovation and creativity are what keep us moving forward. Choosing ideas thoughtfully keeps our business secure. We are the brains behind the technology and products that impact the world.
  • Highest standards. How we do things is just as important as what we do. Our founders encouraged employees to approach business with respect, dignity, kindness and courtesy in all relationships. This ethical approach helps provide sustainable growth and stability to our shareholders, customers and employees. Simply put, it's just good business.
  • Winning determination. We share a passion for discovery and a will to win. There is a quiet determination that motivates us to solve complex problems and create revolutionary technologies that change people's lives. We have a mental toughness that drives us to remain competitive globally and win – time and time again.

Total rewards

TI offers a compelling workplace environment and competitive rewards that are designed to recruit and retain top talent, including:

New employees

Welcoming employees to TI is a critical step in retention. Our phased approach to new employee orientation provides the guidance and tools employees need to accelerate their transition into TI and excel in their new roles. We strive to make it easy for employees to connect with one another, understand their new environment, maximize their performance and secure necessary training.

In the U.S., for example, TI has 10 new employee initiatives (NEIs), or grassroots employee resource groups. A collaborative organization of leaders from each of the NEIs, called the Loop, facilitates communication among the NEIs and hosts social, volunteer and career development activities.

Some sites pair new employees with a buddy who introduces them to our work culture and practices. Because supervisors are critical in new employee engagement, development, performance and retention, they schedule regular meetings with new hires to address questions and issues and provide performance feedback.

Additionally, all new TI employees have instant access to a global social media forum, which offers a personalized place for everything from forums to blogs to wikis.  New employees also have access to various networking activities to help them integrate into our company's culture and connect with their colleagues.

Women and minorities

In the U.S., TI hosts customized programs to attract and retain traditionally underrepresented women and minorities. Outside of the U.S., programs are unique by country and region based on local needs. Examples of initiatives that support the retention of women and minorities include:

  • Eighteen grassroots initiatives (employee resource groups) within the TI Diversity Network that offer social events, networking, mentoring and community-service opportunities to connect our diverse workforce.
  • Insights groups that provide opportunities for strong-performing women, African-Americans and Hispanics in leadership roles to meet regularly with senior leadership and TI's chairman, president and CEO. They share perspectives on their work environment and offer ideas on how to make additional progress in creating an inclusive workplace.

Additionally, TI executives hold leadership roles with Catalyst, a global nonprofit that researches women's experiences in business, barriers to their career advancement, and individual and organizational strategies leading to success.

Leadership advancement

TI has numerous programs to develop, advance and retain talent, especially in technical and leadership areas. We help fund continuing education, provide mentoring opportunities, and offer job-rotation programs and both technical and management career paths.