Developing a strong workforce, ensuring access to talent, supporting research, and protecting intellectual property.

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Intellectual property protection

STEM education

Our company strongly supports science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs and policies to build the U.S. talent pipeline. Our company’s education initiatives and the TI Foundation support efforts to foster STEM education and school improvement, especially in communities where we have a presence. In the U.S., we advocate for education policies that promote student achievement and improve teacher effectiveness, particularly in STEM subjects. Specifically, we support:

  • Encouraging high standards and accountability to improve student achievement in K-12 education
  • Enacting robust appropriations for STEM provisions in Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Advancing K-12 and university programs that encourage students to study and pursue degrees in STEM disciplines, particularly engineering
  • Emphasizing teacher training to advance content knowledge through programs that encourage STEM majors to enter teaching
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Access to talent

Our company’s ability to compete, innovate and succeed relies on the ability to hire and retain the world's greatest scientists and engineers, regardless of national origin.

In the United States, international students represent the majority of advanced degree graduates from U.S. university programs in electrical engineering, a key discipline for our company. Current U.S. employment visa policies put American companies at a disadvantage for hiring and retaining those students. Our advocacy focuses on:

  • Enacting meaningful employment-based visa reforms that enable U.S. employers to access top global talent and give individuals with advanced degrees in STEM from U.S. universities a high priority for permanent resident status
  • Preventing measures that make it harder for U.S. employers to access and retain such talent, such as overly restricting legitimate use of the H-1B, L, Optional Practical Training visa programs and permanent resident status
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Fundamental research

Research investments are at the heart of ensuring the United States remains competitive. Federal funding plays a critical role in supporting fundamental research at U.S. universities and national labs. However, federal support for research, particularly in the physical sciences and engineering, has declined over the last several decades as a percentage of GDP.

Our company participates in pre-competitive consortia and university research in groundbreaking semiconductor technologies and innovative applications. We support reinvigorating fundamental research by:

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Intellectual property protection

Our company invests heavily in R&D and enjoys a strong brand based on years of providing customers with quality solutions. We hold more than 40,000 active patents and aim to protect our intellectual property around the world against infringement or misuse. Our advocacy includes:

  • Working to prevent counterfeit semiconductors from entering the supply chain by collaborating with governments worldwide and advocating through trade associations such as the SIA and the World Semiconductor Council to raise awareness and promote policies that combat counterfeiting
  • Supporting balanced U.S. patent reform legislation at the federal level that curbs abusive litigation while protecting legitimate patent holders, including the use of the International Trade Commission to issue and enforce exclusion orders to prevent patent infringing products from entering the U.S.
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