LED architect

Instantly create alternative LED lighting designs and compare them
across efficacy, size, and cost up to 100,000 lumens in output. WEBENCH
LED Architect is very easy to use but it is also very powerful, giving
wide options in comparison, selection, and optimization for lighting

  • Easily specify your desired light output
  • Select from a range of LED and heat sink designs created in seconds
  • Every combination is optimized for thermal management and stable operation
  • Select your preferred drive electronics from our recommended topologies
  • Optimize the overall size, efficiency, and cost for your complete solution
  • Leverage a vast 21,000 passive component library from 110 manufacturers
  • Tune every component selection algorithm with a turn of the Optimizer
  • Dial Save your precious time with system exploration and real time calculations
  • For more info, check out the guided tour video and step-by-step instructions shown below