Amplifier Designer

Amplifier circuit designs within minutes

Amplifier circuits are vital in modern electronics. Every signal conditioning system needs them to implement functions such as gain, filtering, level shift, subtraction, and addition throughout the analog circuitry. The design and verification of these circuits can be tedious and time consuming.

Amplifier Designer lets you design, optimize, and simulate amplifier circuit solutions within minutes. Create optimized amplifier circuit designs using a selection of TI operational amplifiers and passive components from its vendor partners.

SELECT from a variety of topologies, including non-inverting, inverting, and transimpedance. Specify performance constraints such as input and output voltages, bandwidth, and load conditions.

DESIGN your amplifier circuit by selecting the best operational amplifiers. You can do this by adjusting precision, noise, temperature drift, supply current or cost in the suggested operational amplifier list. Specify your resistor/capacitor tolerances between ideal, 0.1%, 1%, 2%, and 5% values. Optimize your amplifier topologies for sensitivity, lowest cost, and smallest footprint.

ANALYZE your design by running SPICE electrical simulation with closed-loop frequency response, step response, sine-wave response, noise, loop gain/phase and group-delay analysis options.

See the Amplifier Designer step-by-step instructions to start using the tool now.