Capacitive Sensing Designer

The capacitive sensing design tool supports TI's ground-breaking
family of capacitance-to-digital converter (FDC) products and provides
you with the ability to create sensor designs. The tool assumes the
parallel plate capacitor as the proximity sensor and calculates the
dimensions of the capacitor plates (W1 and W2) and the distance between
the plates (Y) based on your target sensing distance (Z).

WEBENCH capacitive design tool



Capacitive sensing made easy

  • Enter design parameters in the capacitive sensing input panel
  • Select the appropriate FDC configuration and sensor design based on your needs
    • Use Visualizer to see tradeoffs between sensor dimensions and capacitive sensing distance
  • Create your capacitive sensor design in seconds
  • Analyze your design’s behavior

Obtain possible sensor solutions

Input your design requirements into the tool to get a list of solutions tailored to your target sensing distance. These capacitive sensing solutions have different sensor dimensions resulting in varying capacitance values that trade off with achievable sensing distance. All the necessary parameters to choose the appropriate sensor are listed in the solutions table.

Advanced Charting on the left provides a way to visualize the trade-offs between these solutions. The x-axis represents the diameter of the top sensor plate, the y-axis represents the distance between sensor plates and the bubble size represents the achievable sensing distance.

WEBENCH capacitive design tool

Create your sensor design

Create a sensor design by clicking the Open Design button that corresponds to your selected sensor solution. The design includes a bill of materials (BOM), a list of operating value parameters and charts to help you analyze the solution.

WEBENCH capacitive design tool

Analyze your sensor

Analyze the sensor solution by interpreting graphs of the detection range vs. sensor plate diameter.

WEBENCH capacitive design tool

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