WEBENCH® Advanced Power

If you want finely tuned, high-performance, advanced power design capability, the advanced features in WEBENCH® Power Designer are a set of online tools that provide additional design control, analysis and troubleshooting capability. They enable you to receive optimized design solutions, export it to your preferred CAD tool while having the assurance that your designs are error-free.

Advanced Options

For power supply designers who need more control over design and component features or would like to hit specific performance targets, the WEBENCH Advanced Options features provide a way to narrow down from many potential solutions to a few complex customized solutions faster.

Compensation Designer

If you have specific loop component requirements and want to nail your designs the first time around, Compensation Designer protects you from errors and enables you to quickly fix the design and still meet your loop needs. No more wasted time and effort.

Simulation Export

The WEBENCH Simulation Export feature exports WEBENCH power or filter fully custom designs to TINA-TI simulator, Altium&lt Designer and Cadence Allegro tools. Within seconds, your exported design is self-contained and has symbol, schematic, test bench and simulation settings. Everything you need to simulate your design in your preferred CAD tools offline.