Build-It custom power supply prototypes available overnight

Build-It is a feature in Texas Instruments' WEBENCH ® software that allows you to order a custom power supply kit or fully assembled and tested board matching your exact design requirements in order to verify your design. This innovative service promises to shave time off the design cycle by eliminating the need to generate a PC board or track down hard-to-find parts like power inductors and tantalum capacitors. Instead, you simply enter a credit card number and TI and its partner's do all the work.

Custom prototype Build-It kits

If you wish to solder your power supply yourself, WEBENCH on line design tool offers custom prototype kits. All the parts and boards are stocked in our partners' warehouse and upon receipt of an order, are packed and shipped via overnight carrier. The kit includes all the parts in the design including passive components, the TI IC, and even test points and jumpers. There's also a PC board included which matches the layout generated in the WEBENCH tool. Customized instructions for assembling the board are also created for you. The kits are the lowest cost and fastest way to get the parts for a power supply prototype.

See Build-It for step-by-step instructions on how to place an order

Figure 1: Bill of MaterialsReady to Order

To use Build-It first go to and enter WEBENCH

Then create a design using a simple four step procedure:

  • Choose a part
  • Create a design
  • Analyze a design
  • Build-It

(Click here for help on creating a design). After optimizing the design using WebSIM for electrical parameters and WebTHERM for thermal issues, click on "BuildIt" in the WEBENCH navigation header. Here you can review the bill of materials for the design to check pricing and availability (see figure 1).

Figure 2: Assembly Diagram for Build-It WEBENCH Design.


In addition, by clicking on the "View Assembly Document" link you can read the assembly document that shows the PC board layout and parts placement and it aslo gives instructions for assembling the power supply (see Figure 2).

Figure 3: BuildIt Power Supply Prototype Kit


Click on "Buy Unassembled Custom Kit". Then simply enter your credit card number and confirm the order. The custom power supply kit is shipped via overnight carrier with all the components necessary to construct the prototype board (see Figure 3).

Figure 4: Custom Soldered Build-It Prototype Power Supply Board.


In summary, WEBENCH, including Build-It, provides an end to end design solution where you can go in with specifications for a design, and come out with an optimized design and custom prototype kit ready for soldering. Never before has a custom solution of this nature been provided in the electronics industry. TI is pleased to offer this service to you in order to improve your time to market and productivity level.