WEBENCH® News June 2017

Here you will find several resources regarding WEBENCH® Design Center. You can view new TI products and features that are available in the WEBENCH tool on the tables below (updated monthly) and read the latest blog posts and press releases about a diverse array of WEBENCH topics.

Power Quick Search: fast, smarter results

Want to get to your power solution faster than ever? TI's Power Quick Search (PQS) is a tool that helps narrow down over 2800 voltage regulators to a short list of products matching your input voltage and load requirements. The secret to the PQS ability to narrow from so many to just the right set lie in the powerful WEBENCH algorithms ("the brains") and a rich set of TI products with a wide variety of operating conditions. Until recently, it was still possible for you to see hundreds of matching parts, which does not help you choose one rapidly. So we improved the tool so that it delivers fewer recommended devices that match more closely to your requirements. We've made it easier to filter the list for specific features further or remove filters to see all relevant parts if you desire. Searching for the right power product from TI has never been faster or more flexible.

DC/DC switching regulators

Battery chargers

LDOs and voltage references

High-voltage regulators

LED drivers