WEBENCH® Optimizer Dial

The WEBENCH Optimizer Dial enables engineers to "dial-in" their preference for footprint, system BOM cost and power efficiency.

The first solutions presented by the WEBENCH Optimizer Dial are set by default at level 3 for a balanced design solution with a focus on ease of design, and a balance between small footprint and high efficiency. For each subsequent click on the Dial settings you can continue to compare additional circuits or architectures for each dial setting. The performance of each of these solutions will be presented to you visually in graphs or tables highlighting Footprint, Efficiency, and total component BOM cost at the 1K budgetary level for complete solutions that meet your desired circuit performance.

The Optimizer Dial adjusts the selection of every component in every circuit solution to meet your desired system performance. The system values of the best design that meets your requirements is shown in the boxes just beneath the Optimizer Dial. For expert optimized circuits in minutes, use the panel on the right to start your WEBENCH design today!

See Optimizer Knob for step-by-step instructions on how to use the optimization in the tool

Philosophy of the WEBENCH Optimizer Dial

Optimization Setting Frequency Component Selection Summary
1 - Smallest Footprint Highest

Smallest footprint

Don't care about cost

Smallest size but lowest efficiency
2 - Lowest Cost High Lowest cost High frequency means smaller/cheaper components
3 - Balanced Medium

In stock

Low cost

Balanced approach using IC's middle frequency
4 - High Efficiency Low

Low DCR, ESR, Vf

Low cost

Higher efficiency, with low cost but larger parts
5 - Highest Efficiency Lowest

Low DCR, ESR, Vf

Don't care about cost

Highest efficiency but largest parts

WEBENCH Circuit Optimization ( Turn the Dial! )