WEBENCH® Power Designer

Power supply design at your fingertips!



WEBENCH® Power Designer creates customized power supply circuits based on your requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end power supply design capabilities that save you time during all phases of the design process.

Simply enter in your specifications for input voltage, output voltage, and current and get a customized power supply design that matches your requirements in seconds.

Optionally, you can dial in your requirements for high efficiency, small footprint, and low BOM cost to quickly optimize your design to meet your goals.

The WEBENCH tool suite has a large passive component library with tens of thousands of parts with price and availability updated regularly. All necessary external components, including those required for loop compensation are selected anddisplayed in the BOM, schematic, and estimated footprint.

You can:

  • Run electrical simulations to characterize the transient behavior of your design
  • Conduct thermal simulations to identify and correct temperature issues
  • Export your schematic and PCB layout directly to popular CAD tools to save time and reduce errors

Using WEBENCH Power Designer will rapidly let you find the best switching regulator, linear/low drop-out regulator (LDO) or MOSFET controller design to achieve your goals, saving time and accelerating your product to market.

See Power designer for step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool.

WEBENCH Power Designer demonstration ( Turn the Knob! )

End-to-end selection, design and prototyping

Power Designer can assist at every stage of your design from selection to circuit design, including analysis and verification, to everything needed to build your prototype.

Tool capabilities:


Use the WEBENCH Visualizer tool to explore solutions using designs calculated in real time to match your inputs. Select from 25 switching power supply architectures and a database containing tens of thousands of passive components. Optimize all the solutions simultaneously for small footprint, high efficiency or low BOM cost. Look through numerous
design alternatives quickly and find the best solution to meet your needs.

Advanced Options

For power supply designers who need more control over design and component features or would like to hit specific performance targets, the Advanced Options feature of WEBENCH Power Designer Visualizer provides a way to narrow down from many potential solutions to a few complex, customized solutions faster.

Optimizer Dial

The WEBENCH Optimizer Dial allows you to differentiate and compare your solutions and adjust your circuit design across small footprint, high efficiency, or low system BOM cost goals. With a simple twist, you will activate selection algorithms that produce real-time results. This tool makes it easy to tune WEBENCH circuit-creation algorithms in minutes. Initial results are set for a balanced design solution with a focus on ease of design and a balance between small footprint and high efficiency. Review the output, turn the dial again, and instantly compare alternatives. The system values of the best design that meet your requirements are displayed beneath the dial.

Electrical Simulator

Use the WEBENCH Electrical Simulator to verify the performance of your custom circuit under dynamic conditions. Conduct startup, load transient, input transient, steady state, Bode Plot, and other simulation types in an easy-to-use interface. No need to worry about initial conditions or setting up the schematic since that is done automatically for you. Simulation voltage and current sources can be modified to meet your design requirements for rise and fall times and pulse durations. You can also change component values and then verify the behavior of the modified BOM. Electrical Simulator is the fastest way to see the time and frequency domain behavior of your design.

WebTHERM™ Thermal Simulation

Use WebTHERM thermal simulation to replicate the temperature behavior of the electronic printed circuit board (PCB) for your custom design. You start with a reference board layout with the components from your custom WEBENCH design automatically placed. Then you can define environmental conditions like ambient temperature, board specifications and air flow to simulate conditions for your board environment. WebTHERM then plots a color temperature map of the PCB, allowing you to identify any potential hot spots on your board. Re-configure your PCB by moving components, changing the PCB shape and editing the layer stack-up and run additional simulations to rapidly correct any problems you find.  

Input Filter Designer

If you need to meet CISPR-conducted EMI specifications, use the Input Filter Designer feature to quickly add an input filter block to your customized power design. This intuitive feature allows you to specify your input impedance. It also takes into consideration the required noise attenuation level and generates an optimal input filter circuit, which meets the desired EMI specifications without affecting the overall power supply stability. This feature automatically selects the inductor and capacitor for the input filter then computes the proper RC damping to prevent undesired oscillations at the input. It takes into account attenuation needs, damping, size, cost, efficiency, and power design stability to synthesize the best filter to achieve your conducted noise goals.

Compensation Designer

Although WEBENCH designs are initially configured for stable operation, sometimes you have specific passives you want to use that are not in the original design. Compensation Designer enables you to quickly design and optimize your circuit compensation network using the specific components you require. You can analyze and compare the loop performance of different compensation alternatives and apply the one that best suits your design requirements. Since compensation design is often complex and time consuming, this feature allows both automatic and manual modes of operation so you can either control it yourself or let it automatically meet your desired loop specifications.  

Schematic Editor

WEBENCH Schematic Editor opens up an entirely new domain for design customization and simulation in an easy-to-use online schematic capture and simulation tool. It gives you the flexibility to edit your power design schematic to either add or remove circuitry and wire connections and then conduct Spice simulations.

Starting with the normal WEBENCH custom design flow, it creates a new copy of your design, so your reference schematic stays intact. You can then change the wiring and add additional passive components, op amps and simulation sources in a free-form editing tool. The various available voltage and current sources allow you to conduct different types of Spice simulations to analyze the dynamic behavior of your updated design. You can then export the updated design to an external simulator if desired.  


Power Designer’s Export feature allows you to take your customized WEBENCH design and convert it on-the-fly to leading CAD and simulation platforms. You can export schematics, board layouts, and electrical simulations immediately from your designs created in Power Designer, saving time and reducing errors.

Build-It Features

You have created and analyzed your design in Power Designer and now you want to build a prototype. Power Designer uses a library of real-world components to create a BOM that accounts for component availability updated regularly from worldwide distributors. Your optimized design can be ordered and shipped the same day you create it. WEBENCH Build-It provides complete documentation to assemble your design: BOM, schematics, design specifications, and simulation results so you can assemble and test your design as soon as you receive the kit.  

Product support:

After entering your power supply design specifications, the circuit calculator displays the best power IC design solutions from TI’s broad portfolio. You can customize and narrow the solution set using Power Designer’s options and make tradeoffs among efficiency, size, and cost. Power supply ICs and the complete associated design will be suggested for buck (step-down), boost (step-up), flyback, inverting, SEPIC (buck/boost), and other topologies, depending on your requirements. Switching regulators with voltage mode, current mode, emulated current mode, hysteretic, and other control methods are supported in both integrated switch voltage regulator and separate MOSFET DC/DC controller solutions. Get a listing of IC products supported in Power Designer.

DC/DC Switching Regulators  

Power Designer supports several families of DC/DC switching regulators, controllers, and modules for commercial, industrial, and automotive applications that are specifically tailored to address critical design requirements of your application, such as wide input voltage, low input voltage, ease of use (SIMPLE SWITCHER™ modules), and high power density (SWIFT™ converters).  


Isolated and non-isolated offline AC/DC and high-voltage DC/DC products

Designing power supplies for offline or high-voltage applications can be challenging, but WEBENCH Power Designer has taken on this challenge and makes it easy for you. Selecting the right controller that meets your power requirements and showing the design tradeoffs in terms of BOM, footprint, and efficiency to narrow your design choices make Power Designer an invaluable asset to your tool box. With over 100 TI offline AC/DC controllers available, finding the right products has never been easier. This feature gives you the ability to design a custom transformer for the TI controller that you selected. Also included is an assembly document with instructions on how to build the transformer. Whether you are designing a power adapter for your plug-in device, or a high-voltage DC/DC converter for your industrial system, WEBENCH Power Designer can help you using TI’s portfolio of offline AC/DC and high-voltage DC/DC controllers and converters.

Find out how you can find the right high voltage part and how to design a custom transformer for your needs.  

Linear/LDO Regulators

Linear and LDO regulators are important aspects of a wide array of systems like communication, medical, industrial, and more. WEBENCH Power Designer provides a complete selection, design, and analysis environment to help you create a custom linear power supply for your application. It takes into account key parameters such as dropout voltage and temperature behavior and provides a full thermal simulation environment.  

Automotive-qualified Parts

The WEBENCH environment has a set of tools to help you design with automotive-qualified parts. These tools help you generate custom power supply designs in seconds by offering results with automotive-grade ICs. All of the WEBENCH features and capabilities are available, including access to passive and other external components.