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The RAY 70A LED Monochromatic Optical Module combines the high resolution, high quality RAY 70A DMD projection system with a high-power, monochromatic LED illuminating module in a single, ready-to-use package. The RAY 70A system produces high resolution, high contrast images by capturing the functionality of 0.7-inch, high pixel density XGA DMDs with 4:3 aspect ratios. The projection system’s design minimizes stray light, eliminates diffraction, maximizes optical throughput and produces images with high uniformity of illumination. The LED module comes with a built-in thermal management system that maintains the LEDs at a constant temperature, which improves the output power stability and the lifetime of the module. An included controller board provides simple control over both the LED and the thermal management system. The mounting hardware and internal optics ensure minimal optical power loss in coupling the LED output to the input aperture and the DMD of the projection system. The available LED wavelengths include Red (613 – 624 nm), Green (528 nm), Blue (462 nm) and Violet (405 nm). Standard and wide-angle lenses are available for the projection system.

  • • Optical system designed specifically for 0.7-inch diagonal, XGA, 4:3 aspect ratio DMDs • Projection and illumination optics eliminate image degradation, provide up to 90% image illumination uniformity, and maximize optical throughput • Included LED driver board and thermal management system provide improved output power stability and LED lifetime • Operation at several different wavelengths: Red (613 – 624 nm), Green (528 nm), Blue (462 nm) or Violet (405 nm)

DLP Optics Modules Parameters
Part Number RAY70AMOM
Array Size 0.7" XGA DMD: 1024x768
DLP Panel DLP7000
Brightness Red LED 3300 lm/9.4 W, Green LED 6200 lm/10.6 W, Blue LED 1250 lm/17.5 W, UV 18 W
Contrast Ratio 11000:1 ANSI
Light Source(s) LED (White, Red, Green, Blue or Ultra Violet)
Dimensions (in mm L x W x H) 92x82x55 mm
Offset 110%
Throw Ratio 1.8–2.1:1
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DLP Optics Modules Details

Has the complete system been tested? Yes
Is working hardware available? Yes
Is working software available? NA
Hardware Specifications Size: 92x82x55 mm, Weight: 250g, Wavelength range 405 nm – 700 nm, DMD aspect ratio 4:3, Contrast Ratio 10,000:1, Uniformity >90%, Working Distance > 0.3 m, Manual Zoom1.2x, Light Power Density High (up to 25 W/cm2) LED: Red (613 nm, bandwidth 20 nm, utilized LED power 3300 lm/9.4 W), Green (528 nm, bandwidth 35 nm, utilized LED power 6000 lm/10.6 W), Blue (462 nm, bandwidth 20 nm, utilized LED power 1250 lm/17.5 W), Violet (405 nm, bandwidth 10 nm, utilized LED power 18 W)
Trade-off Analysis The projection system produces highly uniform, high contrast images with minimal distortion and high brightness, in part by separating the illumination and projection optical paths. In doing so, the size of the system is slightly larger than systems that do not separate the two optical paths. Also, the illumination intensity provided by the LEDs varies with the wavelength of operation, with green and red providing the highest luminosity and blue and violet producing lower luminosity.
Development Tools n/a
Component Selection RAY 70A LED Monochromatic Optical Module includes: - RAY 70A optical module - LUMINUS LED up to 6200 lm / 17.5W - Full development LED driver up to 36 A (Pulsed) / 27 A (CW) - Sophisticated cooling system
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Badia   Koudsi
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