WEBENCH® Design Center

TI's WEBENCH Design Center is consistently recognized with awards for innovation in creativity and advanced design capabilities. The WEBENCH Designer toolset delivers high performance analog designs and ease of use. The advanced hierarchical Architect suite let expert system designers leverage ease of use and deliver designs beyond the skills of any human in seconds.

Analog system design, applications and model IP development, e-commerce, online and offline tools, and service management are just a few of the areas integrated in the WEBENCH Design Center experience.

TI and the WEBENCH team are always open to new ideas on how to improve our web site. Please send us your comments and feedback.


Significant Texas Instruments Web Events

June 9, 2014 WEBENCH® PCB Export creates a power supply board layout in minutes
April 29, 2014 WEBENCH® Power Supply Architecture System Designer patent awarded #8,712,741 reducing multi-rail system power design from weeks and hours down to minutes. More information about WEBENCH® System Power Architect can be found here
March 13, 2014 TI introduces WEBENCH Clock Architect, the industry's first timing design tool that can recommend and simulate system clock tree solutions
March 10, 2014 WEBENCH Schematic Editor enables users to modify schematics and then conduct Spice simulations in an easy to use on line environment
July 13, 2013 WEBENCH Automotive Designer enables users to create power supplies using automotive qualified TI regulator ICs
November 12, 2012 WEBENCH Schematic Export allows users to export the complete WEBENCH schematic directly into 5 different CAD tools
February 5, 2012 WEBENCH® System Power Architect goes live with support for rack mounted system power design. Expert navigation now offers design guidance from Input Source through Hot Swap, Isolation, Intermediate Rail, and Point of Load design in minutes
January 5, 2012 Texas Instruments launched the unified WEBENCH® Design Center for the combined design tools of Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor. Powerful online tools, thousands of downloadable models, and many downloadable software tools are available in one place
September 23, 2011 WEBENCH Tools go live with 25 Texas Instruments products accessible through the Visualizer
June 21, 2011 WEBENCH® Optimizer Dial patent awarded #7,966,588 to allow our customers to balance the design of a circuit across size, cost, and efficiency simply by turning a dial. The use of the Optimizer Dial is explained here.
June 1, 2011 National Semiconductor releases the WEBENCH Toolset in Portuguese
May 3, 2011 National Semiconductor's WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect Wins EDN Magazine Innovation of the Year award for software. Easily configure and optimize FPGA and total system power supply architectures quickly. Turn the Optimizer Dial across size, efficiency, and cost for complete systems with confidence for Altera, Xilinx, Actel, and Lattice FPGAs
April 4, 2011 Texas Instruments to acquire National Semiconductor for $6.5 billion
March 29, 2011 Electronic Pitch Pak (E-Pitch Pak) Patent No. 7917485 awarded for electronic delivery of customized product information for sales, distributors, and customers
March 15, 2011 National Semiconductor's Releases the WEBENCH Processor Power Architect initially supporting ARM based processors from Texas Instruments, Freescale and Atmel. WEBENCH Processor Power Architect delivers the unique and precise voltages at multiple levels including voltage, current, ripple, noise filtering, synchronization, soft start, and supply separation to meet all system constraints while saving time and system cost in the process
February 22, 2011 National Semiconductor's Releases the WEBENCH Toolset in Russian to go with Chinese and Japanese
January 24, 2011 National Semiconductor revolutionizes the design of sensor systems by with Configurable Sensor AFE Products and software. WEBENCH Sensor AFE Designer simplifies the design of complete precision sensor channels for control and monitoring applications in minutes
September 13, 2010 National Semiconductor Launches New WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect with the addition of 130 FPGA templates for the quick reliable configuration of complex FPGA power rail needs. Size, efficiency, and cost are optimized across every constraint with the turn of the WEBENCH® Optimizer Dial. Squeeze more performance and lower FPGA system cost with confidence.
August 30, 2010 National Semiconductor's WEBENCH® LED Architect takes desired lumens and delivers complete LED component selection, LED topology, matching thermally optimized heat sink, and complete drive electronics in a few clicks. Everything is optimized with the turn of the WEBENCH® Optimizer Dial. Complete solutions easy and quick.
August 23, 2010 National releases WEBENCH® Designer portfolio of tools in Japanese and Chinese for both online and offline clients, speeding the design of Power, Lighting, and Sensing designs
June 5, 2010 National's new Web site integrates configurable and interactive search tables for App Notes, Videos, and Board Design Resources. Also, with the addition of the new site wide SuperFooter, customers can review personal designs and order history, create part collections, or get technical support from any page
April 26, 2010 National's WEBENCH® Visualizer wins EDN's Innovation of the Year award for 2009
January 25, 2010 National releases WEBENCH Power Architect to create optimized multi-rail, multi-load power bus architectures for complete Power Supply Systems. This leverages the selection algorithms from WEBENCH Visualizer
November 11, 2009 National releases New Product Folders with integrated visual feature comparisons and integrated videos
November 09, 2009 National releases WEBENCH Visualizer to compare and select the best power supply from billions of alternatives
January 27, 2009 Nationals WEBENCH Sensor Designer Wins Electronic Products Magazine's 2008 Product of the Year Award
October 21, 2008 HotWire Patent No. 7441219 awarded for a method of creating, modifying, and simulating electrical circuits using a browser over the internet
October 20, 2008 National introduces WEBENCH 5.0 for Power, Lighting, and Sensors. New visual interface changes design. Visual "knob" Optimizes Efficiency, Footprint, and Price Instantly. Never before possible. Design it and buy it in seconds
September 22, 2008 National introduces WEBENCH Sensor Designer for Pressure, Photodiode, and Temperature Sensing Signal Paths for hundreds of sensors
August 21, 2008 WEBENCH Design and Simulation Patent FINALLY awarded Patent No. 7,441,219
October 23, 2007 National provides CAD symbols for entire catalog of products in 11 Formats
October 22, 2007 National introduces WEBENCH for LED Lighting
January 30, 2007 Knob introduced to WEBENCH Designer interface enabling designers to "Dial in" performance
February 21, 2006 Two luminaries, Bob Pease and Howard Johnson talk shop on NationalTV's Analog By Design Show
February 7, 2006 National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Active Filter Designer Tool Receives DesignVision Award from International Engineering Consortium
August 16, 2005 WebTHERM Patent No. 6,931,369 awarded for Thermal Simulation Over A Network
June 6, 2005 National launches WEBENCH Signal-Path Designer Toolset Engineers Can Create Thousands of Matched 8-, 10- and 12-Bit Data Converter/Amplifier Combinations with National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Signal-Path Designer Toolset
April 5, 2005 Online Design Identification and Ordering Patent No. 6,877,033 awarded for Build It!
March 9, 2005 National Semiconductor's WEBENCH Active Filter Designer Named Innovation of the Year in EDN Magazine's 15th Annual Innovator Awards
January 11, 2005 National Semiconductor and Avnet Electronics Marketing Launch Avnet.National.com
January 11, 2005 National Semiconductor and Arrow Electronics Launch Arrow.National.com, a New Web Site Focusing on High-Voltage, High-Power Solutions
December 13, 2004 National launches Active Filter Designer
November 17, 2004 National expands Analog University to 100 new online courses
November 15, 2004 National launches Ethernet Made Easy
November 9, 2004 National launches WEBENCH for Audio Amplifiers
January 13, 2004 WEBENCH Build It Patent No. 6,678,877 awarded for Online Assembly and Layout Areas
December 15, 2003 National launches Amplifiers Made Simple
September 16, 2003 National launches the Bob Pease Show
June 2, 2003 National launches Solutions.National.Com with 100 Application Diagrams (solutions.national.com)
March 31, 2003 AnalogU released, Knowledgebase.National.Com released
Analog University: Fast Learning for Faster Designing National's Analog University (analogu.national.com)
Knowledge Base: Targeted Search Results in One Mouse Click (knowledgebase.national.com)
March 18, 2002 WEBENCH named EDN's Innovation of the Year in electronic design automation tool category
November 5, 2001 National Semiconductor Introduces WEBENCH 3.0, the Industry's Most Advanced Internet-Based Design, Prototyping, and Overnight Delivery Environment
May 17, 2001 24HR Samples introduced for all products
February 24, 2001 MyWebench and My Preferences private site links exposed on the National header for every National visitor
January 24, 2001 WEBENCH Build It! Kits first promoted on Power.National.com home page
Year 2000 National's WEBENCH Web Based Toolset awarded Electronic Products Magazine Product of the Year award
October 16, 2002 National launches WEBENCH 2.0 and introduces online design communities for Power, Information Appliances, and Wireless design including electrical and thermal online simulators
October 25, 1999 National introduces Power.National.com and advanced online design with WEBENCH
September 21, 1999 National main pages translated into 9 languages
March 4, 1999 National Completes First Credit Card Order for the LMC7211BIN to Lucent Technologies
March 1, 1999

National Launches Buy.National.com
Some of the key features offered on BUY.NATIONAL.COM include:

  • A Search/Order Parts function that provides links to partner site order forms and inventory availability status in just two clicks
  • Cross Reference Search capability to quickly find equivalent National devices
  • A "My Bill of Materials" page to create private Web sites for bill of material tracking
  • Pricing and Distribution Inventory functions to rapidly build multi-part price and availability tables
  • A Master Selection Guide to view alphabetical links resembling a resale price book
  • Obsolete Product Search function to find older device status and replacements

National publishes Internet Content & Exchange (ICE) protocol catalog. National was the first company to syndicate its entire product catalog to business partners and customers. The first site-to-site business relationship went into production with Newark Electronics

February 17, 1999 National introduces WEBENCH and Online Simulation with WebSIM
Year 1998 Live connections established to all distribution partners for order status and entry
May 11, 1998 Three new extranet services: Personal Purchasing Bill of Materials, Direct Web Order Entry, and Sales Force administered Personalized Extranet Web Sites for their Top Accounts
March 11, 1998 National wins Business On The Internet BOTI award for best extranet application amongst 1210 applicants from Internet Week
Year 1997 Free worldwide sample order introduced with 1 week delivery
December 9, 1997 National Design Engineering Home Page
November 17, 1997 Cyrix acquired
March 31, 1997 System Diagram Visual Search highlighted as one of 4 available
January 27, 1997 Fairchild sold
Year 1996 Product folders introduced
November 25, 1996 National Semiconductor selected National Information Infrastructure finalist in business support category
October 6, 1996 National Design Engineering Home Page
November 8, 1995 Krakatoa Java Based Interactive Selection Guide