WEBENCH® Medical AFE Designer

Easy-to-use visual tool for device programming in minutes

WEBENCH® Medical AFE Designer enables system designers to explore the functionality and flexibility of the ADS1293 low-power, 3-channel, 24-bit Analog Front End for biopotential measurements. The easy-to-use tool speeds system development and reduces design time. Within the tool, each block of the ADS1293 is clickable and opens the setup necessary to program registers block by block in just a matter of minutes.

Explore and Configure the ADS1293

Use the online tool to explore the powerful features of the ADS1293 and configure to your application's custom specifications. The easy-to-use Help Bar provides guidance through the steps to configure the device. The Performance tab displays estimated performance for the selected configuration, including power consumption, noise, and effective number of bits (ENOB). Simply save the optimized device configuration to download to the ADS1293. An offline version of the tool used with the ADS1293 evaluation kit allows for quick programming of the device control registers.

The Performance tab displays estimated performance for a selected configuration.

The Help Bar provides step-by-step guidance to program each block of the ADS1293. Hovering over a block in the Help Bar brings up explanations or instructions.

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