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WEBENCH Designer tools are a collection of powerful software algorithms and visual interfaces that deliver on the promise of Design Made Easy for power, lighting, and sensing applications.

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With the introduction of the WEBENCH Online Design Environment in 1999, Texas Instrument made it possible for design engineers to create a reliable power supply circuit over the internet in minutes. The user specified the circuit performance and the WEBENCH Toolset delivered. Today, WEBENCH Designer creates and presents all of the possible power, lighting, or sensing circuits that meet a design requirement in seconds. This enables the user to make value based comparisons at a system and supply chain level before a design is committed. This expert analysis is not possible anywhere else.


WEBENCH® Designer

All of these design tools present multiple complete system alternatives using the WEBENCH Visualizer interface (value comparison at a glance!). Design engineers can tune the results and the selection algorithms across footprint, efficiency, or system cost simply by turning the WEBENCH Optimizer Dial.

The WEBENCH Designer Eco-System makes these value based comparisons possible. Comprised of more than 110 component manufactures and electronic distributors, the Eco-System provides electrical and physical characteristics across more than 21,000 components with price and availability updated hourly over the internet. In addition, WEBENCH Designer is now available in Chinese, Japanese, and English.

Using WEBENCH Designer, you can create designs in minutes in just a few simple steps:

  • Define your system performance requirements in light output, sensor accuracy, or voltages and currents
  • Select your preferred FPGA, LED, or component suppliers
  • Review the resulting complete solutions presented visually for footprint, cost, efficiency, and ease of use
  • Analyze and tune the resulting topologies and component suppliers
  • Print out a project or design report or order the complete Build It Kit for overnight shipment
  • Define it today and assemble it tomorrow.

With more than 1.5 million designs created, WEBENCH Designer tools enable innovation.

WEBENCH Designer Tools At-a-Glance

WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect Wins EDN Magazine Innovation AwardWEBENCH FPGA Power Architect – FPGA Power Supplies in Minutes
WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect incorporates the detailed supply requirements of the newest FPGA devices from Altera, Xilinx, Actel, and Lattice. High performance FPGA power supplies are complex, requiring the designer to meet unique multiple voltage levels with precise voltage, current, ripple, noise filtering, synchronization, soft start, and supply separation demands. The power supply designs delivered by WEBENCH incorporate comprehensive power requirements published by the FPGA manufacturers, giving the designer confidence that their power supplies will meet these constraints while saving critical time in the process.

WEBENCH Power Architect
Define your input voltage source, list your desired output voltage and current loads and WEBENCH Power Architect will collect all of the common loads and create a range of intermediate rail topologies and optimize each of the individual power supplies presenting the results to the user at a system level for comparison and selection on price, efficiency, and footprint. Estimated time savings: 2 weeks minimum.

MOSFET Selection For Switching Power Supply Systems
Read how WEBENCH simplifies MOSFET selection and helps users visualize the tradeoffs between different design approaches.

Two TI Products Win Best Electronic Design Award 2010 from Electronic DesignWEBENCH LED Architect
A quick visual tool for complete lighting system design up to 100,000 lumens in output. LED performance, electronic drive current and heat compensation are balanced in seconds. WEBENCH LED Architect analyzes 350 of the latest LEDs from 12 leading manufacturers, 30 heat sinks, 35 LED drivers, and a library of 21,000 electronic passive components. Users can focus on system level results and leave the burden of complex electrical and thermal mathematics to the tool. Electrical simulation is included as an option for additional testing, validation or component selection.

WEBENCH Visualizer
Make value based decisions for your system across price, efficiency, and footprint through a visual interface. Filter and tune your results to quickly fine the "best" solution for you across thousands of alternatives in seconds. Estimated time savings: There is no other way to do this.

WEBENCH Optimizer Dial
Tune the WEBENCH Designer circuit creation algorithms with the turn of a dial. Review the output, tune again, and instantly compare the alternatives. Estimated time savings: There is no other way to do this.

WEBENCH Power Designer
Define your input voltage, output voltage, and output current for one power supply. Select between all of the possible complete solutions in seconds in the WEBENCH Visualizer interface. Tune to your preference using the WEBENCH Optimizer Dial.

Select your preferred LED component from the top LED suppliers and 400+ LED components. Define your string size and topology (serial or parallel) and LED Designer creates all of the possible drive electronics for your review and selection.

WEBENCH Sensor Designer
Select your preferred pressure, optical, or temperature transducer from x suppliers and y sensor components through a visual and parametric selection sortable selection guide. Set your accuracy budget and WEBENCH Sensor Designer creates the optimal circuit design for you.

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