TFP410 165 MHz PanelBus™ TMDS DVI Transmitter/Serializer |


165 MHz PanelBus™ TMDS DVI Transmitter/Serializer

165 MHz PanelBus™ TMDS DVI Transmitter/Serializer - TFP410


The TFP410 device is a Texas Instruments PanelBus™ flat-panel display product, part of a comprehensive family of end-to-end DVI 1.0-compliant solutions, targeted at the PC and consumer electronics industry.

The TFP410 device provides a universal interface to allow a glueless connection to most commonly available graphics controllers. Some of the advantages of this universal interface include selectable bus widths, adjustable signal levels, and differential and single-ended clocking. The adjustable 1.1-V to 1.8-V digital interface provides a low-EMI, high-speed bus that connects seamlessly with 12-bit or 24-bit interfaces. The DVI interface supports flat-panel display resolutions up to UXGA at 165 MHz in 24-bit true color pixel format.

The TFP410 device combines PanelBus circuit innovation with TI’s advanced 0.18 µm EPIC-5 CMOS process technology and TI’s ultralow ground inductance PowerPAD package. The result is a compact 64-pin TQFP package providing a reliable, low-current, low-noise, high-speed digital interface solution.


  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Compliant(1)
  • Supports Pixel Rates up to 165 MHz (Including 1080 p and
    WUXGA at 60 Hz)
  • Universal Graphics Controller Interface
    • 12-Bit, Dual-Edge and 24-Bit, Single-Edge Input Modes
    • Adjustable 1.1 V to 1.8 V and Standard 3.3 V CMOS Input
      Signal Levels
    • Fully Differential and Single-Ended Input Clocking Modes
    • Standard Intel 12-Bit Digital Video Port Compatible as
      on Intel™ 81x Chipsets
  • Enhanced PLL Noise Immunity
    • On-Chip Regulators and Bypass Capacitors for Reducing
      System Costs
  • Enhanced Jitter Performance
    • No HSYNC Jitter Anomaly
    • Negligible Data-Dependent Jitter
  • Programmable Using I2C Serial Interface
  • Monitor Detection Through Hot-Plug and Receiver Detection
  • Single 3.3-V Supply Operation
  • 64-Pin TQFP Using TI’s PowerPAD™ Package
  • TI’s Advanced 0.18-µm EPIC-5™ CMOS Process Technology
  • Pin Compatible With SiI164 DVI Transmitter

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Device Type
Supply Voltage(s) (V)
ICC (mA)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Package Group
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TFP410 TFP401A TFP501
Transceiver     Transceiver     Transceiver    
3.3     3.3     3.3    
250     400     400    
Catalog     Catalog     Catalog    
0 to 70     0 to 70     0 to 70    
HTQFP | 64     HTQFP | 100     HTQFP | 100    
64HTQFP: 144 mm2: 12 x 12 (HTQFP | 64)     100HTQFP: 256 mm2: 16 x 16 (HTQFP | 100)     100HTQFP: 256 mm2: 16 x 16 (HTQFP | 100)    
64HTQFP     100HTQFP     100HTQFP