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Ordering IC Samples

Does TI offer IC samples and how do I get access to order?

Yes, TI offers samples for over 20,000 active devices to design engineers to support new product designs and to qualify TI devices in existing designs. You can request these samples on our "Order Now" tab for that device; however, the list of available devices changes frequently as devices are added to and removed from the program.

Most TI devices are available in multiple packages and temperature options. The TI store offers some but not all of these options. If you need other options that are not available on the TI store, you can contact one the TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors.


If you are a first time user of the sample program, you will be required to request access for approval prior to placing your sample order.  You can review the process to request access here.

Why can’t I use my free or personal email address to order IC samples?

TI provides sample ICs to design engineers to support new product designs. Due to the high cost of a sample program like TI's, we require complete contact information using a corporate (.com) email domain as well as full shipping information. To order samples, please login to myTI and click on the Login & password link to update your myTI Profile to a corporate issued email address.


德州仪器会向芯片设计工程师提供新产品设计需要的样片。由于德州仪器样片项目这样的高成本投入,我们需要申请者提供具备企业邮箱域名(.com) 的完整联系人信息和完整送货信息。如欲申请样片,请登陆 我的TI帐户 ,点击 登陆和密码链接,将您在我的TI账户个人资料里的邮箱更新为有效的企业邮箱。

I am a university student. Why can’t I order free IC samples?

Due to the high cost of a sample program like TI's, we require complete contact information using a corporate (.com) email domain as well as full shipping information. At Texas Instruments we have a very deep commitment to investing in university programs that span, recruiting, helping professors develop coursework, literature, design contests and many other activities. For student projects, we suggest purchasing devices from the TI store or any of Texas Instruments authorized distributors. The TI store can sell you as few as 1 unit for your project and most orders ship same day.


由于德州仪器免费样片项目的高成本投入,我们需要申请者提供包括企业(.com) 邮箱域名在内的完整联系人信息以及完整的送货信息。德州仪器已经和多所高校确立了长期的战略合作投资关系,其领域横跨招聘,协助教授开发新课程,教材,设计大赛等数个大学项目。对于有需求的学生项目,我们建议您从TIstore或任何德州仪器指定的授权代理商处购买相关产品。TIstore可以出售最小1片以上的产品来支持您的项目,同时多数订单可以在同一天发货。

I am a consultant and have no company name. How do I order free IC samples?

If you are an independent contractor with no company specific email address, you will not be allowed to order sample ICs. Please see the personal email address entry above for more information.

If I need a device that is not available for IC sampling, what do I do?

If you need a TI device that is not available for sampling or for purchase from the TI Store, please contact one of our authorized distributors.

How do I request IC samples of high-reliability or military devices?

We do not offer IC samples for high reliability devices intended for space, avionics, defense or enhanced industrial applications from the TI Store. Please contact a TI Authorized Military Distributor to request these devices and provide the required Certificate of Conformance.

What do I do if I need more samples than sample limit on the TI Store?

Please contact Authorized Distributors or your local TI Customer Support Center.

Why does my TI store sample order require acceptance through email?

To ensure that customers receiving TI store samples understand TI store terms and conditions for orders placed by a TI representative, such orders must be reviewed and approved by the customer. The sample order is placed using the email address associated with the intended recipient’s myTI account. The customer receives an email asking them to click on a URL, login using their myTI account information, and either accept or reject the sample order placed on their behalf. If an order is not accepted or rejected, it will expire and be cancelled after 10 days.