TI Store Help

Paying for an order

What are the methods of payment available? 

Credit Card Payment

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, JCB, and Discover for payment online. We do not accept Purchase Orders on the TI store, however, customers can apply for a line of credit through Apruve to purchase from the TI store. For more information, please review the section on
the FAQs on Apruve or learn more by visiting Apruve’s web site directly.

PayPal Payment

We are happy to accept PayPal on all TI store purchases. PayPal enables you to make purchases without revealing your credit card number or financial information. PayPal can link to your financial account and allow you to pay in most local currencies. You can choose to pay for your TI store
purchase using your PayPal account instead of your credit card. Click here to visit PayPal for more information. Click here to view the currencies allowed by PayPal.

Because of the unique nature of PayPal purchases, some TI store processes are a little different if you pay using PayPal.

The Bill-To address on your order must be a PayPal 'verified address.' Please make sure your account with PayPal lists your Bill-To address as a verified address.

When you make a purchase using PayPal, you are momentarily connected to the PayPal web site during our checkout procedure via encrypted secure connection. You must complete your transaction at the PayPal site and return to your TI store checkout to complete your order.

Coupons will still work like they do for all other methods of payment.

Completed PayPal orders are displayed in the TI store just like orders made with other methods of payment. However, your PayPal order might take a little longer to appear.

If your order is cancelled or you need a refund for some reason, the request will follow the same procedure as for other methods of payment. Your credit request will be reviewed and, if approved, a credit will be sent to PayPal to be applied to your account. PayPal will process the credit in between 2-5 business days. For more information, or for a status on your credit, please contact PayPal directly. For your protection, all financial institutions deny retailers such as the TI store any information regarding your credit status or account history. One difference unique to PayPal should be noted if we apply more than one credit to your PayPal account:

The first credit is applied to your original payment record within your PayPal account. This is clearly attached to your TI store order and is easy for you to see.

The second credit and any subsequent credits are applied directly to your PayPal balance and are not clearly attached to your TI store order. You can still track the credit in your account, but it might not be as obvious. For more information, or for a status on your credit, please contact PayPal directly.

Alipay Payment

Alipay allows payment of TI store orders for customers located in Asia. This payment method operates very similarly to other payment methods except:

– Alipay charges for your order immediately regardless of shipping status.

– Alipay charges are only refundable for 30 days. If an item on your order is backordered more than 30 days, your order for that item will be cancelled so we can fully refund your order.

Apruve Line-of-Credit

Apruve is an online credit management company that provides a turnkey solution for TI store customers to purchase using a line of credit. Apruve will be an additional payment option just like Paypal/Visa/Mastercard on the TI store payment page. To find out more, click here.

How do I pay with a purchase order, establish terms, or other line of credit?

If you need to make a purchase with a purchase order or use any other form of payment, please contact a TI Authorized Distributor.

I need to change the payment method on an unshipped order. What do I do?

The payment method selected during the ordering process CANNOT be changed once the order has been submitted. Our payment services are performed via an automated secure-payment gateway; if you need to change your payment method, please submit a request to the TI store customer
support form to cancel your pending order. At that time it will be determined if your order can be cancelled and a new order entered.