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Technologie Management Gruppe (TMG) PROFIBUS DP Slave Application Layer Stack Software



PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) is the world’s most successful field bus (communication) technology used in industrial automation and is overseen by the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PNO/PI) organization. PROFIBUS is a widely deployed technology, and by the end of 2009, there were over 30 million PROFIBUS nodes installed with a current growth rate of about 10 percent a year. Through better control and online diagnostics PROFIBUS enables improved asset management, ensuring lower life cycle costs, better quality and higher productivity.

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has integrated PROFIBUS functionality into its AM1810 Sitara™ ARM® microprocessor (MPU) and OMAP-L138 Integra™ DSP+ARM devices. The AM1810 Sitara ARM MPU and the OMAP-L138 Integra device connect directly to a RS-485 transceiver and therefore eliminate the need for an external PROFIBUS ASIC. Customers using the AM1810 or OMAP-L138 in their industrial application can save cost and reduce design complexity as well as PCB space. Furthermore, the industrial application benefits from the low-power architecture of the Sitara ARM MPU platform from TI.

The AM1810 or OMAP-L138 PROFIBUS Slave solution with a transmission rate of up to 12MBaud has already been certified by ComDeC, a PROFIBUS Certification lab hosted by Siemens AG.


ARM9 frequency Up to 375 MHz
Data rates (baud) 12M, 6M, 3M, 1.5M, 500k, 187.5k, 93.75k, 19.2k, 9.6k
DPv0 support Cyclic exchange of data and diagnosis
DPv1 support Acyclic/cyclic data exchange and alarm handling
DPv2 support Not yet supported, please contact TI for additional information
Response time 11-bit minimum TSDR Response Time
Operating system Certified solution is based on Embedded Linux, but this PROFIBUS solution is agnostic to the operating system


PROFIBUS Third-Party Tools


The customers can directly use TI’s PROFIBUS implementation and complete their PROFIBUS development process using the evaluation copy of the PROFIBUS Slave stack that is provided by TI. The Slave stack is owned by TMG and it can be licensed by customers for a one time licensing fee. If so desired, customers can also use a Slave stack from a different vendor or develop their own. Once the development is complete, the customer can take their product to the PROFIBUS test labs for certification.

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PROFIBUS Development Tools
To develop PROFIBUS solutions, in addition to the AM1810 Evaluation Module from TI, you can also use the MityARM1810 with Industrial IO Board from Critical Link.

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Reference Designs  ( 1 )

Name Part Number Tool Type
AM1810 Profibus Evaluation Module  TMDXEVM1810  Reference Designs 

TI Devices (2)

Part Number Name Product Family
AM1810  Sitara Processor: ARM9, LPDDR, DDR2, Display, Ethernet, PROFIBUS  Sitara processors 
ISO1176T  Isolated ProfiBus Transceiver with integrated transformer driver  Isolation 

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