SimpleLink CC2640R2 Software Development Kit


Release Date:  03 Mar 2017

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SimpleLink SDK Installers
Windows Installer for SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK Link to Windows Installer for SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK 240720 K
SimpleLink SDK Documentation
Documentation Overview SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK Documentation
TI Resource Explorer SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK in Cloud TI Resource Explorer

Supported Platforms

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What's New?

  • Updated BLE-Stack component to version 3.0.1, see Release Notes
  • Support for building BLE sample applications in CCS Cloud™
  • Additional sample applications supported with optional SimpleLink CC2640R2 BLE Sample Applications Plugin: Glucose Sensor, HID Emulated Keyboard, Heart Rate and Voice Remote Control
  • CC2640R2 CoreSDK Updated, see Release Notes
  • Project Zero sample application now integrated with SimpleLink Academy in the TI Resource Explorer
  • Support for CCS 7.1
  • Support for IAR EWARM 7.80.3
  • Upgraded packaged XDCTools to

Release Information

The SimpleLink™ CC2640R2 Software Development Kit (SDK) with BLE-Stack v3.0.1 is a set of software development tools that enables engineers to develop embedded Bluetooth® v4.2 LE applications on the SimpleLink CC2640R2 Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless MCU. This powerful software toolkit provides a cohesive and consistent software experience for all SimpleLink CC2640R2 users by packaging essential software components such as TI RTOS, peripheral drivers and TI BLE-Stack sample application examples in one easy-to-use software package.