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Optimizing C/C++ compilers for microcontroller, processor, and wireless connectivity platforms

TI provides a suite of optimizing C/C++ compilers for our programmable embedded processors. The compilers produce code that is highly tuned for both performance and code size, maximizing entitlement out of the device’s capabilities. TI compilers are provided as part of the Code Composer Studio Integrated Development Environment or can be downloaded individually.

Access TI code generation tools - C/C++ compilers and assembly language tools

To access compilers via CCS, visit the Code Composer Studio tool folder.

C/C++ compiler chip

Visual tools for advice and assistance

TI compilers provide visual tools to assist with optimizing for performance, code size and power consumption. These tools generate advice on how to improve code to better utilize the features of your specific device. Specific features include:

Suitable for safety- critical applications

TI compilers are extremely robust and heavily tested, making them suitable for use in safety-critical applications including ISO26262.

OpenCL and OpenMP for TI DSPs

TI supports OpenCL and OpenMP on SoCs, like KeyStone II, Sitara AM57x, and multicore KeyStone C66x devices. These standard programming models make it easy to distribute computation so the full capabilities of these powerful devices can be realized.

TI Code Generation Tools include C/ C++ Compilers and Assembly Language tools for many instruction set architectures. These tools run on Windows, Linux, and macOS, and are available for download free of charge.