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Automotive LED driver

Automotive LED driver solutions help you build innovative, reliable, cost effective automotive lighting systems that exceed the auto industry's stringent requirements.

Buck converter (integrated switch)

TI has a wide portfolio of DC/DC buck converters to help you with your design process. Choose between low to high current or battery powered to multiphase and multi-out options

Brushed DC drivers with FETs

TI’s DRV8x family of brushed DC drivers are easy-to-use and make motors simple to spin. With multiple current range offerings, users can control one or more brushed DC motors with a single chip from 2.75 to 45V.

Smart power switch

TPSxHxxx smart high side switch devices help protect power line voltage spike and huge current inrush during system operation. The rich feature set and diagnostics capabilities simplify system design and speed up design cycle.

CAN transceivers

TI's industry-leading transceivers solve specialized networking requirements for various applications and power supply systems, providing solutions for 5 V, 3 V operation as well as CAN FD (flexible data rates); simplifying complex CAN bus networks.


The TI line of PHYTER transceivers builds on decades of ethernet expertise to offer the high performance and flexibility that allows the end user an easy implementation tailored to meet these application needs.

Brushless DC gate drivers

TI's brushless DC gate drivers enable easy motor spin-up with TI's Instaspin technology. Devices features include independent FET PWM control pins, internal dead time insertion and shoothrough protection, along with system monitoring for protection o

ORing and smart diodes

OR-ing and smart diode controllers make FETs act like ideal diodes, significantly reducing the energy normally lost across the forward voltage drop of a diode.