JAJSG43B June   2012  – September 2018 CC430F5123 , CC430F5125 , CC430F5143 , CC430F5145 , CC430F5147 , CC430F6147


  1. 1デバイスの概要
    1. 1.1 特長
    2. 1.2 アプリケーション
    3. 1.3 概要
    4. 1.4 機能ブロック図
  2. 2改訂履歴
  3. 3Device Comparison
    1. 3.1 Related Products
  4. 4Terminal Configuration and Functions
    1. 4.1 Pin Diagrams
    2. 4.2 Signal Descriptions
      1. Table 4-1 CC430F614x Terminal Functions
      2. Table 4-2 CC430F514x and CC430F512x Terminal Functions
  5. 5Specifications
    1. 5.1  Absolute Maximum Ratings
    2. 5.2  ESD Ratings
    3. 5.3  Recommended Operating Conditions
    4. 5.4  Active Mode Supply Current Into VCC Excluding External Current
    5. 5.5  Typical Characteristics – Active Mode Supply Currents
    6. 5.6  Low-Power Mode Supply Currents (Into VCC) Excluding External Current
    7. 5.7  Typical Characteristics – Low-Power Mode Supply Currents
    8. 5.8  Low-Power Mode With LCD Supply Currents (Into VCC) Excluding External Current
    9. 5.9  Thermal Resistance Characteristics, CC430F51xx
    10. 5.10 Thermal Resistance Characteristics, CC430F61xx
    11. 5.11 Digital Inputs
    12. 5.12 Digital Outputs
    13. 5.13 Typical Characteristics – Outputs, Reduced Drive Strength (PxDS.y = 0)
    14. 5.14 Typical Characteristics – Outputs, Full Drive Strength (PxDS.y = 1)
    15. 5.15 Crystal Oscillator, XT1, Low-Frequency Mode
    16. 5.16 Internal Very-Low-Power Low-Frequency Oscillator (VLO)
    17. 5.17 Internal Reference, Low-Frequency Oscillator (REFO)
    18. 5.18 DCO Frequency
    19. 5.19 PMM, Brownout Reset (BOR)
    20. 5.20 PMM, Core Voltage
    21. 5.21 PMM, SVS High Side
    22. 5.22 PMM, SVM High Side
    23. 5.23 PMM, SVS Low Side
    24. 5.24 PMM, SVM Low Side
    25. 5.25 Wake-up Times From Low-Power Modes and Reset
    26. 5.26 Timer_A
    27. 5.27 USCI (UART Mode) Clock Frequency
    28. 5.28 USCI (UART Mode)
    29. 5.29 USCI (SPI Master Mode) Clock Frequency
    30. 5.30 USCI (SPI Master Mode)
    31. 5.31 USCI (SPI Slave Mode)
    32. 5.32 USCI (I2C Mode)
    33. 5.33 LCD_B Operating Conditions
    34. 5.34 LCD_B Electrical Characteristics
    35. 5.35 10-Bit ADC, Power Supply and Input Range Conditions
    36. 5.36 10-Bit ADC, Timing Parameters
    37. 5.37 10-Bit ADC, Linearity Parameters
    38. 5.38 REF, External Reference
    39. 5.39 REF, Built-In Reference
    40. 5.40 Comparator_B
    41. 5.41 Flash Memory
    42. 5.42 JTAG and Spy-Bi-Wire Interface
    43. 5.43 RF1A CC1101-Based Radio Parameters
      1. 5.43.1  RF1A Recommended Operating Conditions
      2. 5.43.2  RF Crystal Oscillator, XT2
      3. 5.43.3  Current Consumption, Reduced-Power Modes
      4. 5.43.4  Current Consumption, Receive Mode
      5. 5.43.5  Current Consumption, Transmit Mode
      6. 5.43.6  Typical TX Current Consumption, 315 MHz, 25°C
      7. 5.43.7  Typical TX Current Consumption, 433 MHz, 25°C
      8. 5.43.8  Typical TX Current Consumption, 868 MHz
      9. 5.43.9  Typical TX Current Consumption, 915 MHz
      10. 5.43.10 RF Receive, Overall
      11. 5.43.11 RF Receive, 315 MHz
      12. 5.43.12 RF Receive, 433 MHz
      13. 5.43.13 RF Receive, 868 MHz and 915 MHz
      14. 5.43.14 Typical Sensitivity, 315 MHz, Sensitivity Optimized Setting
      15. 5.43.15 Typical Sensitivity, 433 MHz, Sensitivity Optimized Setting
      16. 5.43.16 Typical Sensitivity, 868 MHz, Sensitivity Optimized Setting
      17. 5.43.17 Typical Sensitivity, 915 MHz, Sensitivity Optimized Setting
      18. 5.43.18 RF Transmit
      19. 5.43.19 Optimum PATABLE Settings for Various Output Power Levels and Frequency Bands
      20. 5.43.20 Typical Output Power, 315 MHz
      21. 5.43.21 Typical Output Power, 433 MHz
      22. 5.43.22 Typical Output Power, 868 MHz
      23. 5.43.23 Typical Output Power, 915 MHz
      24. 5.43.24 Frequency Synthesizer Characteristics
      25. 5.43.25 Typical RSSI_offset Values
  6. 6Detailed Description
    1. 6.1  Sub-1 GHz Radio
    2. 6.2  CPU
    3. 6.3  Operating Modes
    4. 6.4  Interrupt Vector Addresses
    5. 6.5  Memory Organization
    6. 6.6  Bootloader (BSL)
    7. 6.7  JTAG Operation
      1. 6.7.1 JTAG Standard Interface
      2. 6.7.2 Spy-Bi-Wire Interface
    8. 6.8  Flash Memory
    9. 6.9  RAM
    10. 6.10 Backup RAM
    11. 6.11 Peripherals
      1. 6.11.1  Oscillator and System Clock
      2. 6.11.2  Power-Management Module (PMM)
      3. 6.11.3  Digital I/O
      4. 6.11.4  Port Mapping Controller
      5. 6.11.5  System Module (SYS)
      6. 6.11.6  DMA Controller
      7. 6.11.7  Watchdog Timer (WDT_A)
      8. 6.11.8  CRC16
      9. 6.11.9  Hardware Multiplier
      10. 6.11.10 AES128 Accelerator
      11. 6.11.11 Universal Serial Communication Interface (USCI)
      12. 6.11.12 TA0
      13. 6.11.13 TA1
      14. 6.11.14 Real-Time Clock (RTC_D)
      15. 6.11.15 Voltage Reference (REF) (Including Output)
      16. 6.11.16 LCD_B (Only CC430F614x)
      17. 6.11.17 Comparator_B
      18. 6.11.18 ADC10_A (CC430F614x and CC430F514x Only)
      19. 6.11.19 Embedded Emulation Module (EEM) (S Version)
      20. 6.11.20 Peripheral File Map
    12. 6.12 Input/Output Diagrams
      1. 6.12.1  Port P1 (P1.0 to P1.4) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger
      2. 6.12.2  Port P1 (P1.5 to P1.7) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger
      3. 6.12.3  Port P2 (P2.0 to P2.7) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger
      4. 6.12.4  Port P3 (P3.0 to P3.7) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger
      5. 6.12.5  Port P4 (P4.0 to P4.7) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger (CC430F614x Only)
      6. 6.12.6  Port P5 (P5.0 and P5.1) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger
      7. 6.12.7  Port P5 (P5.2 to P5.4) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger (CC430F614x Only)
      8. 6.12.8  Port P5 (P5.5 to P5.7) Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger (CC430F614x Only)
      9. 6.12.9  Port PJ (PJ.0) JTAG Pin TDO, Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger or Output
      10. 6.12.10 Port PJ (PJ.1 to PJ.3) JTAG Pins TMS, TCK, TDI/TCLK, Input/Output With Schmitt Trigger or Output
    13. 6.13 Device Descriptor Structure
  7. 7Applications, Implementation, and Layout
    1. 7.1 Application Circuits
  8. 8デバイスおよびドキュメントのサポート
    1. 8.1  使い始めと次の手順
    2. 8.2  Device Nomenclature
    3. 8.3  ツールとソフトウェア
    4. 8.4  ドキュメントのサポート
    5. 8.5  関連リンク
    6. 8.6  Community Resources
    7. 8.7  商標
    8. 8.8  静電気放電に関する注意事項
    9. 8.9  Export Control Notice
    10. 8.10 Glossary
  9. 9メカニカル、パッケージ、および注文情報



Peripheral File Map

Table 6-12 lists the base address for the registers of each peripheral.

Table 6-12 Peripherals

Special Functions (see Table 6-13) 0100h 000h–01Fh
PMM (see Table 6-14) 0120h 000h–00Fh
Flash Control (see Table 6-15) 0140h 000h–00Fh
CRC16 (see Table 6-16) 0150h 000h–007h
RAM Control (see Table 6-17) 0158h 000h–001h
Watchdog (see Table 6-18) 015Ch 000h–001h
UCS (see Table 6-19) 0160h 000h–01Fh
SYS (see Table 6-20) 0180h 000h–01Fh
Shared Reference (see Table 6-21) 01B0h 000h–001h
Port Mapping Control (see Table 6-22) 01C0h 000h–007h
Port Mapping Port P1 (see Table 6-23) 01C8h 000h–007h
Port Mapping Port P2 (see Table 6-24) 01D0h 000h–007h
Port Mapping Port P3 (see Table 6-25) 01D8h 000h–007h
Port P1, P2 (see Table 6-26) 0200h 000h–01Fh
Port P3, P4 (see Table 6-27)
(P4 not available on CC430F514x and CC430F512x)
0220h 000h–01Fh
Port P5 (see Table 6-28) 0240h 000h–01Fh
Port PJ (see Table 6-29) 0320h 000h–01Fh
TA0 (see Table 6-30) 0340h 000h–03Fh
TA1 (see Table 6-31) 0380h 000h–03Fh
RTC_D (see Table 6-32) 04A0h 000h–01Fh
32-Bit Hardware Multiplier (see Table 6-33) 04C0h 000h–02Fh
DMA Module Control (see Table 6-34) 0500h 000h–00Fh
DMA Channel 0 (see Table 6-35) 0510h 000h–00Fh
DMA Channel 1 (see Table 6-36) 0520h 000h–00Fh
DMA Channel 2 (see Table 6-37) 0530h 000h–00Fh
USCI_A0 (see Table 6-38) 05C0h 000h–01Fh
USCI_B0 (see Table 6-39) 05E0h 000h–01Fh
ADC10 (see Table 6-40)
(only CC430F614x and CC430F514x)
0740h 000h–01Fh
Comparator_B (see Table 6-41) 08C0h 000h–00Fh
AES Accelerator (see Table 6-42) 09C0h 000h–00Fh
LCD_B (see Table 6-43 (only CC430F614x) 0A00h 000h–05Fh
Radio Interface (see Table 6-44) 0F00h 000h–03Fh

Table 6-13 Special Function Registers (Base Address: 0100h)

SFR interrupt enable SFRIE1 00h
SFR interrupt flag SFRIFG1 02h
SFR reset pin control SFRRPCR 04h

Table 6-14 PMM Registers (Base Address: 0120h)

PMM control 0 PMMCTL0 00h
PMM control 1 PMMCTL1 02h
SVS high-side control SVSMHCTL 04h
SVS low-side control SVSMLCTL 06h
PMM interrupt flags PMMIFG 0Ch
PMM interrupt enable PMMIE 0Eh
PMM power mode 5 control PM5CTL0 10h

Table 6-15 Flash Control Registers (Base Address: 0140h)

Flash control 1 FCTL1 00h
Flash control 3 FCTL3 04h
Flash control 4 FCTL4 06h

Table 6-16 CRC16 Registers (Base Address: 0150h)

CRC data input CRC16DI 00h
CRC data input reverse byte CRCDIRB 02h
CRC initialization and result CRCINIRES 04h
CRC result reverse byte CRCRESR 06h

Table 6-17 RAM Control Registers (Base Address: 0158h)

RAM control 0 RCCTL0 00h

Table 6-18 Watchdog Registers (Base Address: 015Ch)

Watchdog timer control WDTCTL 00h

Table 6-19 UCS Registers (Base Address: 0160h)

UCS control 0 UCSCTL0 00h
UCS control 1 UCSCTL1 02h
UCS control 2 UCSCTL2 04h
UCS control 3 UCSCTL3 06h
UCS control 4 UCSCTL4 08h
UCS control 5 UCSCTL5 0Ah
UCS control 6 UCSCTL6 0Ch
UCS control 7 UCSCTL7 0Eh
UCS control 8 UCSCTL8 10h

Table 6-20 SYS Registers (Base Address: 0180h)

System control SYSCTL 00h
Bootloader configuration area SYSBSLC 02h
JTAG mailbox control SYSJMBC 06h
JTAG mailbox input 0 SYSJMBI0 08h
JTAG mailbox input 1 SYSJMBI1 0Ah
JTAG mailbox output 0 SYSJMBO0 0Ch
JTAG mailbox output 1 SYSJMBO1 0Eh
Bus error vector generator SYSBERRIV 18h
User NMI vector generator SYSUNIV 1Ah
System NMI vector generator SYSSNIV 1Ch
Reset vector generator SYSRSTIV 1Eh

Table 6-21 Shared Reference Registers (Base Address: 01B0h)

Shared reference control REFCTL 00h

Table 6-22 Port Mapping Control Registers (Base Address: 01C0h)

Port mapping key PMAPKEYID 00h
Port mapping control PMAPCTL 02h

Table 6-23 Port Mapping Port P1 Registers (Base Address: 01C8h)

Port P1.0 mapping P1MAP0 00h
Port P1.1 mapping P1MAP1 01h
Port P1.2 mapping P1MAP2 02h
Port P1.3 mapping P1MAP3 03h
Port P1.4 mapping P1MAP4 04h
Port P1.5 mapping P1MAP5 05h
Port P1.6 mapping P1MAP6 06h
Port P1.7 mapping P1MAP7 07h

Table 6-24 Port Mapping Port P2 Registers (Base Address: 01D0h)

Port P2.0 mapping P2MAP0 00h
Port P2.1 mapping P2MAP1 01h
Port P2.2 mapping P2MAP2 02h
Port P2.3 mapping P2MAP3 03h
Port P2.4 mapping P2MAP4 04h
Port P2.5 mapping P2MAP5 05h
Port P2.6 mapping P2MAP6 06h
Port P2.7 mapping P2MAP7 07h

Table 6-25 Port Mapping Port P3 Registers (Base Address: 01D8h)

Port P3.0 mapping P3MAP0 00h
Port P3.1 mapping P3MAP1 01h
Port P3.2 mapping P3MAP2 02h
Port P3.3 mapping P3MAP3 03h
Port P3.4 mapping P3MAP4 04h
Port P3.5 mapping P3MAP5 05h
Port P3.6 mapping P3MAP6 06h
Port P3.7 mapping P3MAP7 07h

Table 6-26 Port P1, P2 Registers (Base Address: 0200h)

Port P1 input P1IN 00h
Port P1 output P1OUT 02h
Port P1 direction P1DIR 04h
Port P1 resistor enable P1REN 06h
Port P1 drive strength P1DS 08h
Port P1 selection P1SEL 0Ah
Port P1 interrupt vector word P1IV 0Eh
Port P1 interrupt edge select P1IES 18h
Port P1 interrupt enable P1IE 1Ah
Port P1 interrupt flag P1IFG 1Ch
Port P2 input P2IN 01h
Port P2 output P2OUT 03h
Port P2 direction P2DIR 05h
Port P2 resistor enable P2REN 07h
Port P2 drive strength P2DS 09h
Port P2 selection P2SEL 0Bh
Port P2 interrupt vector word P2IV 1Eh
Port P2 interrupt edge select P2IES 19h
Port P2 interrupt enable P2IE 1Bh
Port P2 interrupt flag P2IFG 1Dh

Table 6-27 Port P3, P4 Registers (Base Address: 0220h)

Port P3 input P3IN 00h
Port P3 output P3OUT 02h
Port P3 direction P3DIR 04h
Port P3 resistor enable P3REN 06h
Port P3 drive strength P3DS 08h
Port P3 selection P3SEL 0Ah
Port P4 input P4IN 01h
Port P4 output P4OUT 03h
Port P4 direction P4DIR 05h
Port P4 resistor enable P4REN 07h
Port P4 drive strength P4DS 09h
Port P4 selection P4SEL 0Bh

Table 6-28 Port P5 Registers (Base Address: 0240h)

Port P5 input P5IN 00h
Port P5 output P5OUT 02h
Port P5 direction P5DIR 04h
Port P5 resistor enable P5REN 06h
Port P5 drive strength P5DS 08h
Port P5 selection P5SEL 0Ah

Table 6-29 Port J Registers (Base Address: 0320h)

Port PJ input PJIN 00h
Port PJ output PJOUT 02h
Port PJ direction PJDIR 04h
Port PJ resistor enable PJREN 06h
Port PJ drive strength PJDS 08h

Table 6-30 TA0 Registers (Base Address: 0340h)

TA0 control TA0CTL 00h
Capture/compare control 0 TA0CCTL0 02h
Capture/compare control 1 TA0CCTL1 04h
Capture/compare control 2 TA0CCTL2 06h
Capture/compare control 3 TA0CCTL3 08h
Capture/compare control 4 TA0CCTL4 0Ah
TA0 counter TA0R 10h
Capture/compare 0 TA0CCR0 12h
Capture/compare 1 TA0CCR1 14h
Capture/compare 2 TA0CCR2 16h
Capture/compare 3 TA0CCR3 18h
Capture/compare 4 TA0CCR4 1Ah
TA0 expansion 0 TA0EX0 20h
TA0 interrupt vector TA0IV 2Eh

Table 6-31 TA1 Registers (Base Address: 0380h)

TA1 control TA1CTL 00h
Capture/compare control 0 TA1CCTL0 02h
Capture/compare control 1 TA1CCTL1 04h
Capture/compare control 2 TA1CCTL2 06h
TA1 counter TA1R 10h
Capture/compare 0 TA1CCR0 12h
Capture/compare 1 TA1CCR1 14h
Capture/compare 2 TA1CCR2 16h
TA1 expansion 0 TA1EX0 20h
TA1 interrupt vector TA1IV 2Eh

Table 6-32 Real-Time Clock Registers (Base Address: 04A0h)

RTC control 0 RTCCTL0 00h
RTC control 1 RTCCTL1 01h
RTC control 2 RTCCTL2 02h
RTC control 3 RTCCTL3 03h
RTC prescaler 0 control RTCPS0CTL 08h
RTC prescaler 1 control RTCPS1CTL 0Ah
RTC prescaler 0 RTCPS0 0Ch
RTC prescaler 1 RTCPS1 0Dh
RTC interrupt vector word RTCIV 0Eh
RTC seconds/counter 1 RTCSEC/RTCNT1 10h
RTC minutes/counter 2 RTCMIN/RTCNT2 11h
RTC hours/counter 3 RTCHOUR/RTCNT3 12h
RTC day of week/counter 4 RTCDOW/RTCNT4 13h
RTC days RTCDAY 14h
RTC month RTCMON 15h
RTC year low RTCYEARL 16h
RTC year high RTCYEARH 17h
RTC alarm minutes RTCAMIN 18h
RTC alarm hours RTCAHOUR 19h
RTC alarm day of week RTCADOW 1Ah
RTC alarm days RTCADAY 1Bh

Table 6-33 32-Bit Hardware Multiplier Registers (Base Address: 04C0h)

16-bit operand 1 - multiply MPY 00h
16-bit operand 1 - signed multiply MPYS 02h
16-bit operand 1 - multiply accumulate MAC 04h
16-bit operand 1 - signed multiply accumulate MACS 06h
16-bit operand 2 OP2 08h
16 × 16 result low word RESLO 0Ah
16 × 16 result high word RESHI 0Ch
16 × 16 sum extension SUMEXT 0Eh
32-bit operand 1 - multiply low word MPY32L 10h
32-bit operand 1 - multiply high word MPY32H 12h
32-bit operand 1 - signed multiply low word MPYS32L 14h
32-bit operand 1 - signed multiply high word MPYS32H 16h
32-bit operand 1 - multiply accumulate low word MAC32L 18h
32-bit operand 1 - multiply accumulate high word MAC32H 1Ah
32-bit operand 1 - signed multiply accumulate low word MACS32L 1Ch
32-bit operand 1 - signed multiply accumulate high word MACS32H 1Eh
32-bit operand 2 - low word OP2L 20h
32-bit operand 2 - high word OP2H 22h
32 × 32 result 0 - least significant word RES0 24h
32 × 32 result 1 RES1 26h
32 × 32 result 2 RES2 28h
32 × 32 result 3 - most significant word RES3 2Ah
MPY32 control 0 MPY32CTL0 2Ch

Table 6-34 DMA Module Control Registers (Base Address: 0500h)

DMA module control 0 DMACTL0 00h
DMA module control 1 DMACTL1 02h
DMA module control 2 DMACTL2 04h
DMA module control 3 DMACTL3 06h
DMA module control 4 DMACTL4 08h
DMA interrupt vector DMAIV 0Ah

Table 6-35 DMA Channel 0 Registers (Base Address: 0510h)

DMA channel 0 control DMA0CTL 00h
DMA channel 0 source address low DMA0SAL 02h
DMA channel 0 source address high DMA0SAH 04h
DMA channel 0 destination address low DMA0DAL 06h
DMA channel 0 destination address high DMA0DAH 08h
DMA channel 0 transfer size DMA0SZ 0Ah

Table 6-36 DMA Channel 1 Registers (Base Address: 0520h)

DMA channel 1 control DMA1CTL 00h
DMA channel 1 source address low DMA1SAL 02h
DMA channel 1 source address high DMA1SAH 04h
DMA channel 1 destination address low DMA1DAL 06h
DMA channel 1 destination address high DMA1DAH 08h
DMA channel 1 transfer size DMA1SZ 0Ah

Table 6-37 DMA Channel 2 Registers (Base Address: 0530h)

DMA channel 2 control DMA2CTL 00h
DMA channel 2 source address low DMA2SAL 02h
DMA channel 2 source address high DMA2SAH 04h
DMA channel 2 destination address low DMA2DAL 06h
DMA channel 2 destination address high DMA2DAH 08h
DMA channel 2 transfer size DMA2SZ 0Ah

Table 6-38 USCI_A0 Registers (Base Address: 05C0h)

USCI control 1 UCA0CTL1 00h
USCI control 0 UCA0CTL0 01h
USCI baud rate 0 UCA0BR0 06h
USCI baud rate 1 UCA0BR1 07h
USCI modulation control UCA0MCTL 08h
USCI status UCA0STAT 0Ah
USCI receive buffer UCA0RXBUF 0Ch
USCI transmit buffer UCA0TXBUF 0Eh
USCI LIN control UCA0ABCTL 10h
USCI IrDA transmit control UCA0IRTCTL 12h
USCI IrDA receive control UCA0IRRCTL 13h
USCI interrupt enable UCA0IE 1Ch
USCI interrupt flags UCA0IFG 1Dh
USCI interrupt vector word UCA0IV 1Eh

Table 6-39 USCI_B0 Registers (Base Address: 05E0h)

USCI synchronous control 1 UCB0CTL1 00h
USCI synchronous control 0 UCB0CTL0 01h
USCI synchronous bit rate 0 UCB0BR0 06h
USCI synchronous bit rate 1 UCB0BR1 07h
USCI synchronous status UCB0STAT 0Ah
USCI synchronous receive buffer UCB0RXBUF 0Ch
USCI synchronous transmit buffer UCB0TXBUF 0Eh
USCI I2C own address UCB0I2COA 10h
USCI I2C slave address UCB0I2CSA 12h
USCI interrupt enable UCB0IE 1Ch
USCI interrupt flags UCB0IFG 1Dh
USCI interrupt vector word UCB0IV 1Eh

Table 6-40 ADC10_A Registers (Base Address: 0740h)

ADC10_A control 0 ADC10CTL0 00h
ADC10_A control 1 ADC10CTL1 02h
ADC10_A control 2 ADC10CTL2 04h
ADC10_A window comparator low threshold ADC10LO 06h
ADC10_A window comparator high threshold ADC10HI 08h
ADC10_A memory control 0 ADC10MCTL0 0Ah
ADC10_A conversion memory ADC10MEM0 12h
ADC10_A interrupt enable ADC10IE 1Ah
ADC10_A interrupt flags ADC10IGH 1Ch
ADC10_A interrupt vector word ADC10IV 1Eh

Table 6-41 Comparator_B Registers (Base Address: 08C0h)

Comp_B control 0 CBCTL0 00h
Comp_B control 1 CBCTL1 02h
Comp_B control 2 CBCTL2 04h
Comp_B control 3 CBCTL3 06h
Comp_B interrupt CBINT 0Ch
Comp_B interrupt vector word CBIV 0Eh

Table 6-42 AES Accelerator Registers (Base Address: 09C0h)

AES accelerator control 0 AESACTL0 00h
Reserved 02h
AES accelerator status AESASTAT 04h
AES accelerator key AESAKEY 06h
AES accelerator data in AESADIN 008h
AES accelerator data out AESADOUT 00Ah

Table 6-43 LCD_B Registers (Base Address: 0A00h)

LCD_B control 0 LCDBCTL0 000h
LCD_B control 1 LCDBCTL1 002h
LCD_B blinking control LCDBBLKCTL 004h
LCD_B memory control LCDBMEMCTL 006h
LCD_B voltage control LCDBVCTL 008h
LCD_B port control 0 LCDBPCTL0 00Ah
LCD_B port control 1 LCDBPCTL1 00Ch
LCD_B charge pump control LCDBCTL0 012h
LCD_B interrupt vector word LCDBIV 01Eh
LCD_B memory 1 LCDM1 020h
LCD_B memory 2 LCDM2 021h
LCD_B memory 14 LCDM14 02Dh
LCD_B blinking memory 1 LCDBM1 040h
LCD_B blinking memory 2 LCDBM2 041h
LCD_B blinking memory 14 LCDBM14 04Dh

Table 6-44 Radio Interface Registers (Base Address: 0F00h)

Radio interface control 0 RF1AIFCTL0 00h
Radio interface control 1 RF1AIFCTL1 02h
Radio interface error flag RF1AIFERR 06h
Radio interface error vector word RF1AIFERRV 0Ch
Radio interface interrupt vector word RF1AIFIV 0Eh
Radio instruction word RF1AINSTRW 10h
Radio instruction word, 1-byte auto-read RF1AINSTR1W 12h
Radio instruction word, 2-byte auto-read RF1AINSTR2W 14h
Radio data in RF1ADINW 16h
Radio status word RF1ASTATW 20h
Radio status word, 1-byte auto-read RF1ASTAT1W 22h
Radio status word, 2-byte auto-read RF1AISTAT2W 24h
Radio data out RF1ADOUTW 28h
Radio data out, 1-byte auto-read RF1ADOUT1W 2Ah
Radio data out, 2-byte auto-read RF1ADOUT2W 2Ch
Radio core signal input RF1AIN 30h
Radio core interrupt flag RF1AIFG 32h
Radio core interrupt edge select RF1AIES 34h
Radio core interrupt enable RF1AIE 36h
Radio core interrupt vector word RF1AIV 38h